(one's) opposite number

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(one's) opposite number

Someone who has the same or a very similar position, role, or function in a different group, company, or country; one's counterpart elsewhere. I've been going over the merger details with my opposite number in the XYZ Media. The Environmental Protection Agency and their opposite numbers around the globe have been negotiating new legislation aimed at curbing the effects of climate change. Hey, have Jeanne in reception call her opposite number in the Legal Department and find out if Joel's in today.
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opposite number, one's

One's counterpart, as in He's my opposite number in the California office. This expression is generally used for a person's equivalent in another organization or system ( number alluding to their position in a hierarchy). [c. 1900]
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your ˌopposite ˈnumber

a person who holds the same position as you in another country, organization, company, etc: The American Secretary of State will meet his Russian opposite number tomorrow.She’s my opposite number in IBM.
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When will those who govern anything realise that to go to the negotiating table with appeasement in one's hand means it is one's opposite number who is in possession of the most powerful weapon?