(one's) old man

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(one's) old man

1. One's father. We'll have to wait till my old man is asleep before we take the car out. Yeah, I'm grounded—my old man's pretty angry that I'm failing Algebra this semester. So, what did your old man say? Can you stay out till midnight with us or what?
2. One's husband or male romantic partner. I'd better not stay for another drink, or my old man will start to wonder where I am! Her old man gets pretty jealous when she spends time with her male friends. Let me just call my old man and see if he wants me to pick up something for him to-go.
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old ˈman

(informal) a person’s husband or father: I go to see my old man every month. He’s 77 now, you know.Ask your old man if he can mend it.
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old man

1. n. (one’s) father. What time does your old man get home?
2. n. (one’s) husband. My old man is sick and can’t come with me.
3. n. (one’s) boyfriend. I got my old man to take me to see that movie I told you about.
4. and the old man n. the boss; a high-ranking officer. (Always with the in this sense.) The old man says do it, so you had better do it.
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One has ear wax in the hope that enough builds up around the eardrum to keep out the odious rantings of one's old man, and the self-pitying whinings of one's eldest and youngest sons.