one's better half

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(one's) better half

One's spouse or romantic partner. I'd love to come out with you guys after work, but I'd better check in with my better half to make sure we don't have any plans for this evening. The work retreat is meant to be for couples, so be sure to bring your better half!
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one's better half

Fig. one's spouse. (Usually refers to a wife.) I think we'd like to come for dinner, but I'll have to ask my better half. I have to go home now to my better half. We are going out tonight.
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one’s better half

n. one’s wife, and occasionally, one’s husband. My better half disapproved of the movie.
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The other half is really a search for the God within, but in the world of romance, it is looking for one's better half or a partner, as the first part of this column has illustrated.
Who would want to give up a brand that connects to one's better half? Such brands have a longer shelf life, enjoy high recall and outshine the competition.
On celebrating Mother's Day with one's better half's mom, Mrs Khursheed Salahuddin, a housewife says, "A mother-in-law is a mother herself so what you reap, is what you sow.
Each day extols a different virtue to respect and encourage in one's better half through faith in God, from Trust and Creativity to Multitasking, Hospitality, and Grace.