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come online

1. To become active or begin operating. We've had the building finished for days now, but we're still waiting for the power to come online. Hundreds of new factories are slated to come online over the next year, which will bring a much-needed boost to the economy.
2. To log onto the Internet, usually meaning some social communication service thereof. I'm just waiting for my dad to come online, I haven't spoken to him in weeks!
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go online

1. To become active or begin operating. Hundreds of new factories are slated to go online over the next year, which will bring a much-needed boost to the economy.
2. To log onto and use the Internet. I'm going online to see what movies are showing tonight.
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1. Connected to the internet or a local network, as on a computer, smartphone, video game console, etc. You've been online for far too long today. Put your shoes on and go play outside. Once the new server is online, the website should be able to load about three times faster.
2. Describing any activity done over the Internet. Online dating is the new normal when it comes to meeting people. It's interesting to see how online communication really adds to our lexicon.

online shopping

The act of viewing and buying goods from an online retailer. Online shopping will be the death of my business. Do you know how much I pay in rent for my brick-and-mortar storefront? For the sake of my bank account, I don't do as much online shopping as I used to—it was getting just way too easy to spend money!
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shop online

1. To purchase goods from an online retailer, as opposed to going to a physical location. For the sake of my bank account, I don't shop online as much as I used to—it was getting just way too easy to spend money! I was always suspicious of shopping online, afraid that my financial information would somehow get stolen.
2. To use the Internet to find or research potential purchases. Often followed by "for." Let's just shop online for a new table. I'd rather find something we like before going into any stores. You can save a lot of money on your insurance policy if you shop online for the best possible deals.
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1. Go to in line.
2. Fig. connected to a computer or network. As soon as I get online, I can check the balance of your account. I was online for an hour before I found out what I wanted to know.
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But despite this aggressive and longstanding on-line presence, we still make far more money in our traditional print products than we do on-line.
We knew immediately that building trust was a critical factor in the success of our on-line auctions, so we offered the industry's first guaranteed equipment inspection reports.
The benefits of on-line learning not only remove the physical and time constraints for instructors as well as learners, they also create a perfect opportunity for us to rethink the core principles of teaching and learning in order to build a new pedagogical model for wider teaching experiences (Boettcher & Conrad, 1999).
The mutual process of the human and environmental energy fields transcend traditional classroom environments to include on-line environments.
You make a purchase on-line. When you arrive at the last stage of the on-line transaction, you are asked to select the method of payment.
The strengths of applying these on-line monitoring and control systems include the improvement in wet end stability, the more uniform paper properties achieved, and the tools now available to develop new paper grades.
The On-Line Profilometer is available in three standard widths, including 300 mm, 450 mm and 600 mm.
Compounders and resin suppliers need not wait for lab test results on production samples every few hours: They can maintain almost real-time control of' product quality with an on-line rheometer On-line rheometers process a side stream of melt diverted from the extruder.
It was the first time the NCFE had offered on-line assessment in the basic and key skills certificate.
Cheapest on-line single fare: pounds 1 (small number available)
It identifies which on-line public services are currently used by citizens/businesses in the participating countries, analyses the level of quality of on-line public services, shows the extent to which basic public services are being used and whether these services are responding to the needs and expectations of citizens and/or businesses in Europe.
CIMA customer service will be enhanced with improved on-line functionality this month.
The Insitec Voyager is the latest addition to Malvern Instruments' Insitec range of on-line particle size analyzers.
To assist the law enforcement community with conducting lawfully-authorized electronic surveillance, an on-line database containing this information is currently available.
NEW YORK--Prices of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) drugs at Canadian on-line pharmacies have risen extensively because of supply restrictions, according to, a web site that evaluates and compares on-line pharmacies' prices.