on your doorstep

on (one's) doorstep

1. Literally, outside one's door. I'm on your doorstep right now—where are you?
2. By extension, one's responsibility. That issue is on the police commissioner's doorstep now. I always hire reputable contractors for my company because I don't want complaints of shoddy construction on my doorstep.
3. Very close to one's location, especially of an unwanted thing that is encroaching. We used to think of it as a skirmish on the frontier, but the war is now on our doorstep. This whole area used to be rural, but with rampant development, the suburbs are on our doorstep.
See also: doorstep, on

on your (or the) doorstep

very near; close at hand.
1998 New Scientist The solution to Underhill's problem was on his doorstep.
See also: doorstep, on

on the/your ˈdoorstep

very near your/somebody’s home: It’s easy to be concerned with problems across the other side of the world and not see the poverty and unhappiness on your own doorstep.
See also: doorstep, on