on/at the stroke of eight, midnight, etc.

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on the stroke of (some specific time)

Exactly at a specific time, especially the very beginning of the hour. The store is opening its doors on the stroke of midnight for the Black Friday sale. If you're not home on the stroke of 11, you're grounded!
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on/at the ˌstroke of ˈeight, ˈmidnight, etc.

at exactly eight o’clock, midnight, etc: She gets to work at the stroke of nine every day.
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It falls in the postcolonial, postmodern and magic realist literature as it follows the life of Saleem Sinai, born on the stroke of midnight on August 15, 1947, the time of India's Independence.
Stores opened their doors on the stroke of midnight to allow customers the chance to get the first copies.
On the stroke of midnight, walkers will set out on a 10-mile route around Wrexham in a bid to raise tens of thousands of pounds for the work of the hospice.
Then on Friday comes a special programme from Edinburgh Castle where, on the stroke of midnight, JK Rowling gives the first public reading from her new novel.
Waterstone's also opened more than 100 branches across Britain on the stroke of midnight to cope with the demand.
BABY Jack O'Shea became Ireland's first child of the New Year when he was born yesterday - on the stroke of midnight.
1pm: Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia erupts in a spectacular display of pyrotechnics on the stroke of midnight.
They set off on the stroke of midnight on Saturday past the Jewellery Quarter, Brindleyplace, the Town Hall and the Bullring before finishing back at Millennium Point.
Trafalgar Dock on the stroke of midnight. More than 100,000 revellers were estimated to be crammed into Liver-pool's pubs and clubs as the count-down to midnight began.
If your child was born on the stroke of midnight or a few minutes past, then contact the Daily Record on 0141 242 3251.