on the streets

on the street(s)

1. Without an established place of residence or accommodation; homeless. Even though I was still employed, I couldn't afford my mortgage anymore and was on the streets for nearly a year. More and more people are ending up on the street as rent prices skyrocket in the city.
2. In a state of being widely and publicly known or discussed. Of course, word on the street is that he's been taking bribes like that for years. He's been putting it on the streets that he's looking for a bassist to join his band.
3. Working as a prostitute. In this part of town, there are women on the streets every night. She was actually on the streets for a number of years before she saved enough money to go to college in another state.
4. Living freely, typically after having been freed from prison or police custody. The notorious gangster was cleared of the charges and back on the streets that very day. We're doing our utmost to have this conviction overturned and get our brother back on the street as soon as possible.
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on the ˈstreets

1 without a home: He was weak and ill and he knew he wouldn’t survive on the streets.
2 working as a prostitute: She’s been on the streets since she was fifteen.
See also: on, street