on the point of doing

on the point of doing something

 and at the point of doing something
Fig. ready to start doing something. I was just on the point of going out the door. We were almost at the point of buying a new car.
See also: of, on, point
References in classic literature ?
In I got bodily into the apple barrel, and found there was scarce an apple left; but sitting down there in the dark, what with the sound of the waters and the rocking movement of the ship, I had either fallen asleep or was on the point of doing so when a heavy man sat down with rather a clash close by.
The gallery was terminated by folding doors, which Miss Tilney, advancing, had thrown open, and passed through, and seemed on the point of doing the same by the first door to the left, in another long reach of gallery, when the general, coming forwards, called her hastily, and, as Catherine thought, rather angrily back, demanding whether she were going?
Michael Vanstone was what she was prepared to do -- -what, I have reason to think, she was actually on the point of doing, when her plans were overthrown by his death.
So still was the place that I had a great mind to walk boldly in and learn something of the premises; in fact, I was on the point of doing so, when I heard a quick, shuffling step on the pavement behind me.
He did what he was on the point of doing, and then looked at Katharine with a look which revealed enough of his confusion to show her that he was not entirely represented by his appearance.