on (one's) radar (screen)

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on (one's) radar (screen)

Considered by one as important or noteworthy; within the spectrum of one's awareness, attention, or consideration. If you want this issue on people's radar, you have to frame it as something that will impact their wallets. This band wasn't on my radar screen six months ago, but they're one of my favorites now.
See also: on, radar

on someone's radar

If something is on someone's radar, they are aware of it or are intending to deal with it. I was never focussed on being an actress. It wasn't even on my radar. Lewis has been told I am waiting to see him, but I'm not even on his radar.
See also: on, radar

on (one's) radar

/radar screen
In one's conscious awareness as a possibility or as an existing phenomenon: The governor said that running for president was not even on her radar screen.
See also: on, radar
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Rotating turbines of wind-farms cause clutter on radar screens which prevents detection of other objects in the airspace.
"The knee-jerk response is to say that if radar computer systems and operators know where a windfarm is, then they can simply ignore the return it leaves on radar screens.
There is no reason to be specifically concerned about Russian aircraft, as the anomaly in which aircraft do not show on radar screens happens when the antenna is in the shadow of the aircraft body, according to Heikki Jaakkola, a director at the civil aviation authority.
The Chicago Sun-Times, citing documents from the Terminal Radar Approach Control centre in Elgin, reported that in the past few weeks at least 12 'ghost planes' had appeared on radar screens according to The Associated Press.