on one

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on (one)

1. Being one's responsibility or obligation. My team just designs the products. It falls on the marketing team to figure out how to advertise them. The obligation to provide evidence is on the prosecution.
2. Being one's fault. Sorry, I'm the one who put the wrong kind of paper in the machine. That one's on me! If you're late to the test, that's on you—you will be locked out of the testing room at 8:00 AM sharp.
3. Persistently nagging one. A: "What is the boss on you for now?" B: "Alphabetizing those stupid files." My mom's always on me about folding my laundry and putting it away, but it's so much easier to just get what I need out of the basket.
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on (someone or something)

About or detailing someone or something. Here's the report on Crimea that you wanted for the article. I've got some scandalous information on the senator that is sure to sink his reelection campaign.
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on one

/the one hand
As one point of view; from one standpoint.
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