on (one's) home ground

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on (one's) home ground

1. In the place or area where one is locally established. The team will be playing the championship match on their home ground this weekend, which they're hoping will give them a bit of an advantage. We'll be hosting the state-wide high school science fair on our home ground next month.
2. In a field, profession, or area for which one has a deep affinity or familiarity. After a string of unsuccessful action films, the director is back on home ground with a biting new historical drama. I tried a few television roles, but I'm really only on my home ground when I'm doing stand-up.
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on one's home ground

Where one has the advantage of familiarity. For example, Teams generally find it easier to win on their home ground, or The candidate from Maine was speaking on his home ground.
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on (your) home ground

1. If you are on home ground or on your home ground, you are in a familiar area, for example where you work or live It was on home ground in Montreal that she excelled by beating Katerina Maleeva. Students benefit by experiencing interviews with prospective employers on their own home ground. Note: The nouns turf and patch are sometimes used instead of ground. This time he's on home turf so he has the advantage over his opponent.
2. If someone is on home ground or on their home ground, they feel confident and secure because they are doing something that is very familiar to them. This piece sees the composer on home ground, with passionate string melodies. Note: The nouns turf and patch are sometimes used instead of ground. He may prefer to remain on his home turf as a negotiator.
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