on behalf of (someone)

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on behalf of (someone)

1. As the representative of someone else; in lieu of someone. The boss isn't here at the moment, but I'd be happy to sign for the package on behalf of her.
2. In the interest or for the benefit of someone else. It's quite common, even natural, that children don't understand that everything their parents do is on behalf of them.
See also: behalf, of, on

on behalf of somebody


on somebody’s behalf

1 as the representative of somebody or instead of them: On behalf of the department I would like to thank you all.Mr Knight cannot be here, so his wife will accept the prize on his behalf.
2 because of somebody; for somebody: Don’t worry on my behalf.
3 in order to help somebody: They campaigned on behalf of asylum seekers.
See also: behalf, of, on, somebody
References in classic literature ?
Prince Vasili kept the promise he had given to Princess Drubetskaya who had spoken to him on behalf of her only son Boris on the evening of Anna Pavlovna's soiree.