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bad omen

A sign, either real or imagined, of ill fortune or catastrophe in the future. It was a bad omen when my girlfriend broke up with me the day before my final exams. All of the recent natural disasters are a bad omen for the future of the planet.
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good omen

A sign, either real or imagined, of good fortune or a propitious outcome. I saw a dove on my windowsill this morning; I'd say it's a good omen for the rest of my day. I think the way our conversation ended is a good omen for where our relationship is headed.
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(46) Now that a wedding party is most likely to proceed by car, a "bad" eagle omen is highly unlikely to be noticed, even though the view of the sky is more open these days.
"Good night," Omen said to himself, and with a few palpations was out like an ever-melting fire like sunset on a third Wednesday from every other year that had to do with the phrase: NO ONE CAN EAT 50 EGGS.
OMEN Accessories: Next-gen active earcup cooling headset, striking keyboard, and epic line of bags
Leveraging this data, we designed the Omen X 2S, a product that introduces the world's first dual screen gaming laptop to our region, opening up an entire new world for gamers and how they interact in-game."
Additionally, this week at Gamescom, HP unveiled powerful OMEN software and services along with new OMEN and Pavilion Gaming hardware, all designed to create legendary gameplay experiences for all level of players.
In addition, Merheb also noted that the OMEN X 2S offers gamers a real-time screen mirroring option that can cut and magnify parts of the main screen -- including copying the map portion of a racing game -- to the second screen.
The OMEN Rewards Beta is now available in the United States with plans to expand to other regions in the future.
(CSE: VS) (OTCQB: VRSSF) (FSE: BMVA) ("Versus Systems" or the "Company") today announced its patented WINFINITE technology is powering OMEN Rewards, a real-world prizing platform built into OMEN Command Center and available for download by any Win10 PC via the Windows Store.
Dr Izhar Chaudhary said that its good omen that the Punjab government had acknowledged the importance of the health sector by raising exemplary allocation.
He said in his website twitter Saturday constitution of SC bench in Asghar Khan case is good omen. Prime Minister Imran Khan has already issued directives to FIA.
In CES 2019, HP unveiled their Omen 15 laptop, which is the first to have a 240Hz display.
With an aim to change the ways how people live, work, and play, HP unveiled at CES 2019 a slew of new products, including a new AMOLED display on its premium Spectre x360 15, a lineup of new Elite innovations featuring the Sure View privacy screen, and the OMEN X Emperium 65 with Soundbar.
I heard someone say "That's a good omen," and I immediately thought two things: I wonder what the ratio of people referring to bad omens is to people who refer to good ones; and "Jeez, J.B., you should stop eavesdropping on conversations, but it's your nature to do so and that's where you get your best column material."