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big ole

Exceptionally or impressively large, either in physical size or in magnitude, where "ole," a colloquial pronunciation of the word "old," is an intensifier and not indicative of age. Grab hold of that big ole bag of cement and throw it into the back of my truck. Well, that's just a big ole lie and you know it!
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good old boy

 and good ole boy
Rur. a good guy; a dependable companion. Old Tom is a good old boy. He'll help. One of these good ole boys will give you a hand.
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good old boy

and good ole boy
n. a good guy; a dependable companion. (Folksy.) Old Tom is a good old boy. He’ll help.
See also: boy, good, old

good ole boy

See also: boy, good, olé
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That's the spirit inherently mixed in with Ole Smoky Moonshine, and that's the reputation we are building to make Ole Smoky the chosen libation for the new convivial, imbibing generation.
OLE will host Open Learning Exchange '08, its first annual conference about universal basic education in London, early next year at the London School of Economics.
OLE Automation provides an enabling technology for data and process communication that does not burden the network or client delivering the process.
As of today, OLE has critical shortcomings in such areas as network support and object inheritance.
Shine Responsibly (c)2015 Ole Smoky Distillery, LLC.
He's been the leader for the four underclassmen and scored a season-high seven points against Ole Miss, hitting his first 3-pointer of the season.
Standing on the shoulders of cultural heavyweights like the Grand Ole Opry, AMD64 allows any aspiring media creator with a PC to harness the same technology relied upon by the world's top audio professionals.
Rocking out with them across the country and meeting old and new fans of Ole Smoky is an honor.
People call him things like 'Webster' and say get off your knees,'' Ole Miss guard David Sanders said.
11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine is bringing back a holiday favorite, Shine Nog (www.
Alabama, which split its two games with Ole Miss, saw both teams at their best.
Television network Great American Country (GAC) and the Grand Ole Opry have signed a multi-year agreement which extends GAC's broadcast rights of its highest rated program, Grand Ole Opry Live.
The Grand Ole Opry presented by Cracker Barrel Old Country Store presents the best in country music live every week from Nashville, Tenn.