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big ole

Exceptionally or impressively large, either in physical size or in magnitude, where "ole," a colloquial pronunciation of the word "old," is an intensifier and not indicative of age. Grab hold of that big ole bag of cement and throw it into the back of my truck. Well, that's just a big ole lie and you know it!
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good old boy

 and good ole boy
Rur. a good guy; a dependable companion. Old Tom is a good old boy. He'll help. One of these good ole boys will give you a hand.
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good old boy

and good ole boy
n. a good guy; a dependable companion. (Folksy.) Old Tom is a good old boy. He’ll help.
See also: boy, good, old

good ole boy

See also: boy, good, olé
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OLE Automation enables dynamic linking, the ability to connect business processes as they become necessary to deliver user information within an application.
Won't OLE essentially force users to adopt a Microsoft-specific standard?
He followed a career-high 16-point effort against Ole Miss with 10 points - including four in the final minute of the second overtime - and four rebounds.
The audio masters at the Grand Ole Opry maintain the most discerning taste in acoustic music which contains within its notes the most expressive and highest dynamic range of any music in the world.
Ole Miss, after blowing a seven-point lead in the second half, trailed Notre Dame by a point.
Prior to OLE, Javier Escobedo had a long history of leading and developing some of the world's best-known brands from the client side.
With Ole Miss, it's not so much what they do, it's how they do it,'' Dominguez said.
Grand Ole Opry Live on GAC has been beneficial to the network, the Opry and country music, overall," said Steve Buchanan, senior vice president for media and entertainment for Gaylord Entertainment.
They said she could have six Ole Oles and still not blow her points,'' Yvonne said.
1 songs, Wariner joined the Grand Ole Opry as a member in 1996, 23 years after first appearing on the Opry stage as a bass player for vocalist Dottie West.
And the Grand Ole Opry has delivered, every Saturday night, through its many incarnations and locations.
Ole lands in jail when he hears his former girlfriend on a TV talk show promoting her new book on their life together, which includes graphic descriptions of Ole's impotence.
The Grand Ole Opry presented by Cracker Barrel Old Country Store and television network Great American Country (GAC) today announced plans for Country Reaches Out: An Opry Benefit for the American Red Cross to assist with hurricane relief.
announced plans to make an investment in the HBO Ole and HBO Brasil premium services as part of an exclusive long-term pay TV licensing agreement.
This financing marks a critical turning point towards strong residual revenue growth and national roll out of the companies 24 hour Hispanic programming known as Ole Network.