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Mostly, though, in Great Expectations the ghosts and the old things, people and places, together with the plentiful signs of decay that accompany these images of oldness, are constant reminders of the final "stage" of Everyman's life: they function as memento mori.
Giving the devil his due, we are not advocating that we should remain static in sense of transition; however it must be under consideration that ignoring the knowledge only account of its oldness is not logical.
God made Eve in Adam's image; January's desire makes May as unlike his own image as possible--young to his oldness, fresh to his staleness, inert to his coltishness, vulnerably lowly to his high degree.
Old things are not valued for their oldness, new is always better.
With this in mind, it is hardly surprising that The Devil should use his own particular phrase to define extreme oldness ("as old as Prometheus") instead of the canonical "as old as the hills".
The consumer appears to equate hotel newness with cleanliness and oldness with being dirty.
It also featured numerous meanings, the first of which is that the Church prefers the old - despite its oldness - even if it has suffered a lot at the hands of the former regime.
He added that because of the increasing interest of moving the city into the rank of modern cities and due to the oldness of some of the neighborhoods, we have started a project to use more underground cable systems, particularly in main streets in Salalah, and more than 40 km has been achieved in this regard and the project is still under execution.
She added that the Commission, during its tours, discovered the lack of fuel supply, in addition to the oldness of electrical networks.
The jump must be instantaneous but dynamic, which breaks the static atmosphere caused by the oldness of the pond; thus, the pond as a wide plane and the frog as a dot, as well as the oldness of the pond as immutable timelessness and the frog as the mutable present get to a fusion with the sound of water representing the synthesis on a level beyond because the visual disappears giving way to the audible.
(emphasis added) In other words, how do we make sense of the newness of this experience within the familiar oldness of its complexly intertwined and interconnected environment so that both the old and new among us might learn anew?
He aptly summarized "the oldness and newness, the aesthetics and analysis, and the practice and study" of traditional Irish music with his combined pragmatic and philosophical looks at the field.
(16) On their initial train ride from Sydney to Mullumbimby, Somers observes the suburban wastes "like the Last Day of Creation, instead of a new country"; it gives a "sense of oldness" but is also "virgin" (76).