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as old as my eyes and a little (bit) older than my teeth

A vague response given when one is asked how old they are. I have no idea how old Eleanor is. The one time I asked her directly, all she would say is, "As old as my eyes and a little older than my teeth"—whatever that means.
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1. noun, informal A large amount (of something). He's got heaps of money. He can afford to buy us lunch. We've had heaps of problems getting our product out to market.
2. adverb, informal Used as an intensifier meaning "very much" or "a lot." A: "How are you feeling? I heard you were pretty run-down last week." B: "I'm heaps better, thanks for asking!" I've driven the car heaps and never once did I have a problem with it. You must just be unlucky. I should have installed more memory in my computer ages ago—it's heaps faster now!
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older adult

A person past middle age, perhaps (but not necessarily) elderly. Now that I'm an older adult, I have all these aches and pains that I never felt before. You don't have to speak loudly to them, you know—not all older adults have trouble hearing.
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older brother

A male who is older than one or more of his siblings. I'll ask my older brother to help us with the move. Connie's older brother will be there on Saturday, and I'd really like you to meet him. Our neighbor Jim was like an older brother to me when I was growing up.
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older sister

A female who is older than one or more of her siblings. I'll ask my older sister to help us with the move. Connie's older sister will be there on Saturday, and I'd really like you to meet her. Our neighbor Jill was like an older sister to me when I was growing up.
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heaps ˈbetter, ˈmore, ˈolder, etc.

(British English, informal) a lot better, etc: Help yourself — there’s heaps more.He looks heaps better than when I last saw him.
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See heap
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American public libraries have traditionally focused most of their resources on the frail, homebound, and older adults residing in institutions.
In Ohio, 5,000 prisoners--more than 10 percent of the prison population--are older inmates.
"Older people in our society have much to offer and contribute and we are committed to supporting them.
Census Bureau's American Community Survey, showed that Monroe County had a similarly dramatic increase in its older adult population.
That's because older adults often do poorly following liver transplant surgery.
and former Deputy Registrar of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Syed Bisharat Ali Shah, Senior Civil Society member and Businessman Anwar Shaikh, Begum Almas Zafar said that the older people have been and still facing number of problems and issues as the ratio of difficulties is high in under developing countries like Pakistan.
By 2050, 2 billion people, over 20 per cent of the world's population, will be 60 or older.
Secondly, New Zealand's business community has developed a "culture of inclusion" where the human resource practices of organisations encourage older people to work later in life and boost their employability.
The Minister for Children, Older People and Social Care, Huw Irranca-Davies said: "I'm very pleased to announce the appointment of Helena Herklots as Wales' next Commissioner for Older People.
But despite putting in fewer hours of unpaid work, younger caregivers are more likely than older caregivers to say their care responsibilities are at least moderately stressful, 80 percent to 67 percent.
The older hen has also been around the block once or twice and therefore knows the ins and outs of where to hide from predators, when various predators might be out, where the best berries and weeds are, what to eat and what not to eat.
Williams offers a textbook for students of counseling and related professions who intend to work with older adults.
Accordingly these trends offer older persons prospects for improving their quality of life.
Here in Wales around 25% of our population are older people, they are carers, volunteers, councillors, the backbone of many charities, they take part in the workplace and much, much more.
THE arrival of a new brother or sister can be difficult for the older child, but there are ways parents can help ease the transition.
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