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older adult

A person past middle age, perhaps (but not necessarily) elderly. Now that I'm an older adult, I have all these aches and pains that I never felt before. You don't have to speak loudly to them, you know—not all older adults have trouble hearing.
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older brother

A male who is older than one or more of his siblings. I'll ask my older brother to help us with the move. Connie's older brother will be there on Saturday, and I'd really like you to meet him. Our neighbor Jim was like an older brother to me when I was growing up.
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older sister

A female who is older than one or more of her siblings. I'll ask my older sister to help us with the move. Connie's older sister will be there on Saturday, and I'd really like you to meet her. Our neighbor Jill was like an older sister to me when I was growing up.
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heaps (something)

Much or a lot of (some quality or thing). Primarily heard in UK. He's done heaps better in maths ever since he got a tutor. I should have installed more memory in my computer ages ago—it's heaps faster now!
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heaps ˈbetter, ˈmore, ˈolder, etc.

(British English, informal) a lot better, etc: Help yourself — there’s heaps more.He looks heaps better than when I last saw him.
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Even on normal days, older adults spend only about an hour outdoors, Geller says.
If I were purchasing a new system, I would look at the long-term ability of the vendor to maintain a modern level of performance in its older systems.
challenges discrimination against older people in Wales
the need for measures to address this violation of human rights as well as calling for greater legal guarantees of equality for older persons to prevent ageism from resulting in discriminatory policies, laws and treatment.
As Denbighshire older People's Champion, and an older person myself, I am delighted to sign up to the 'Say No to Ageism' campaign on 1st October, it's time to stand up and be proud of our older people and encourage everyone to recognise and respect the important role they play in society.
Globally, the number of older persons (aged 60 years or over) is expected to more than double, from 841 million people in 2013 to more than 2 billion in 2050.
Have a few small gifts tucked away to give to your older child when people bring gifts for the baby.
Although physical challenges and difficulty adjusting to new technology play a role in older Americans' slower internet adoption, attitude is also a factor.
uk or write to: Welsh Senate of Older People, Ty John Pathy, 13/14 Neptune Court, Vanguard Way, Cardiff CF24 5PJ.
A working group has been established to identify and combat negative references in the media relating to older people.
Data on older women used in the present article are taken from many sources.
5 How can you ensure that older people are afforded respect and dignity in the work of the public sector and in hospitals and care settings?
While these rates were not as high as for other age groups, of more concern is that once older workers lose their jobs they are less likely to find other employment.
American public libraries have traditionally focused most of their resources on the frail, homebound, and older adults residing in institutions.
For older women, Social Security averages half of their income (50 percent of income; Figure 4).
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