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Among them are contortionists The Acrobattys, dog on a scooter Millie, jolly old-skool rapper Tubby Boy, dance troupe Entity (right) and musical tribute act Fantasia.
Fun old-skool ones, not the less-fun modern day machine gun-toting ones).
Old-skool skateboarding classic 720deg is brought to mind by OlliOlli, a sidescrolling take on the sport which challenges you to chase high scores without breaking the bones of your pixellated boarder.
As well as a nod to the old-skool, the boys also embrace everything from country, ska and hip-hop, to straight up pop chord progressions and incredibly, ridiculously catchy choruses.
MORE than 10,000 people can't be wrong, be they patchwork hippies, old-skool punks, Northern Soulers, or just average Joe or Joanna with the kids in tow because at Wickerman, the clash of the clans and egos were welcomed with open arms.
The CD has something for everyone, from old-skool fans of The Three Degrees through to babes of the Beyonce age.
Stand-outs were the poignant Family Business, dance favourite The New Work Out Plan and old-skool namechecker Slow Jams.
what a mover 7 The legendary mouse busts some old-skool hip hop moves.
911 kicked the evening's fun off and enraptured the audience with some of their old-skool favourites such as Party People, Friday Night and Don't Make Me Wait.
The Key's Friday night Skookum sees two old-skool legends taking to the decks.
Spokesman Leigh says: "We have DJs who used to play at Amnesia House, Eclipse and Bang-in Tunes, including Dobbo, who hasn't played in Coventry for 10 years and is going back to his roots with an exclusive old-skool set.
And the old-skool Radio 1 legend is being lined up to appear on a monthly basis at Edinburgh's Liquid Room from September.
It may have been conceived as a homage to old-skool gaming but after decades of bland sci-fi storylines from Hollywood and several gaming landmarks such as Quake, James Bond and Halo, it doesn't even manage funny in a so-corny-it's-cool kind of way.
CONTRAST seems to be the theme this week so let's jolt those genres again by introducing old skool dance giants Altern 8, who play at Back In The Day, the monthly old-skool night at the Institute, in Cox Street, Coventry, this very evening.