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Old money sees libraries as a path to knowledge and learning for the disadvantaged.
I still have some of the old money stuck to a beam in the kitchen; sixpences and threepenny bits, florins and half crowns, money belonging to another era - just like me.
Just over six shillings' worth of old money fetched a staggering pounds 7,000 at auction at Sotheby's in London yesterday.
Everyone else says they use an approach in which old money is treated differently than new money.
Those provisions were largely based on an old money laundering bill that Kerry had introduced and which was opposed by economic conservatives and the ACLU.
Once the province of the old money crowd, trust departments are slowly learning to deal with a younger clientele, with different interests and expectations.
When her new play, Old Money, opens this month at Lincoln Center's Mitzi Newhouse Theater, the transitions between scenes will be accomplished with dance passages.
But for those accustomed to the look of old money, the new $20 bill introduced last October proved a real shock.
It's on these occasions that one sees plainly the function of the auction house as the agent whereby stares was transferred first from a feudal world to an industrial one, and then, over and over again, from old money to new.
There is haute couture, avant-garde, young chic, serious fashion, and old money.
At a shabby stately home, the old money - Anthony Andrews and his missus - are reluctantly thinking of selling to American new money.
Little White Lies by Lesley Lokko This book follows the lives of three best friends from school - Annick, who has a mysterious past, Rebecca, from old money, and Tash, who always feels the poor relation and has a steely determination to succeed.
Meanwhile Boro's development squad - reserves in the old money - were set to travel to Blackpool today for a work-out.
Around 21% of people said in a survey that they had found money they had forgotten about, with 6% coming across an old children's savings account and 7% finding cash in an old money box.
If you look in the old money of last year's points system, it equates to 14 points.