old habits die hard

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old habits die hard

It's difficult to stop performing actions that have been established as habits or routines. Even though we're all grown up, my mother still insists on cooking and doing laundry for me and all my siblings. I guess old habits die hard. Even years after retiring from the Marines, old habits die hard. I still can't sit down for a meal without eating it as quickly as possible.
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Old habits die hard.

Prov. People find it difficult to change their accustomed behavior. Joan retired last year, but she still gets up as early as she used to when she had to go to work. Old habits die hard.
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old habits die hard

COMMON People say old habits die hard to mean that people often do not like to change things that they have been doing for a long time. Despite ideas of equality, old habits die hard and women still carry the main burden of looking after home and family. The Council had introduced a few small changes, but old habits die hard. Note: You can use other words instead of habit. Women are still unequal in socialist countries and old attitudes die hard. They are the first to admit that old national prejudices die hard. Note: Die-hard is used to describe people who continue to support a person or a belief that is no longer popular with most people. The band broke up in 1970 and die-hard fans have been waiting for a reunion ever since. A few diehard conservatives cling to traditional ideology.
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old ˌhabits, traˌditions, etc. die ˈhard

used to say that things change very slowly: ‘Even though she’s retired, she still gets up at 6 a.m.’ ‘Well, I guess old habits die hard.’ ▶ ˈdiehard noun, adj.: A few diehards are trying to stop the reforms.diehard supporters of the exiled king
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But old habits die hard, no matter how good our intentions are.
IT seems old habits die hard when it comes to pulling strokes and political favours in this country.
After a promising spell, the final frame shows that old habits die hard.
Old habits die hard and Wenger stopped short of offering Mourinho sympathy for the fixture pile-up that has him planning to field a weakened team on Sunday.
Old habits die hard and, curiously, women often use them too.
G AL POSTS EXTRA TIME FROM AROUND THE GROUNDS Old habits die hard Lee McCulloch ponders one final elbow for old time's sake as he returns to Celtic Park and watches Brendan Rodgers embrace Killie boss Lee Clark before kick-off.
But old habits die hard and people who have been living in the area for many years continue to throw their trash near the trash bins rather than inside the bins even when these are empty.
But, as the saying goes, old habits die hard, and we know that giving up smoking is not the easiest thing to achieve.
FAN BLOG JON ELLIS @JonElliss OLD habits die hard, the cliche we can't aord to relate to.
She claimed that Jagger hit on her in 2004 when she sang backing vocals for his track Old Habits Die Hard.
Summary: Cairo: Old habits die hard for Mahmoud Abbas.
Just like I enjoy reading the sleeve notes on a CD I have just bought, old habits die hard.
However, old habits die hard and quitting can be a long and difficult process.
OLD habits die hard for Sir Terry Wogan - he still wakes up early despite hanging up his breakfast show headphones.