old girl

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old boy/girl

An elderly man or woman, especially an active or lively one. These old boys still like to get together and show off the improvements they've made to their cars, something they've been doing for over 40 years. My mother-in-law is going on a date this weekend. That old girl is feistier than I gave her credit for!
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old ˈboy/ˈgirl

1 an older man/woman: There’s a nice old boy living next door.
2 a former pupil of a school: He’s one of our most famous old boys.We have an old girls’ reunion every five years.
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old girl

n. an old lady; a lively old lady. What makes an old girl like that so feisty?
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It is to mention that nine year old girl was raped in Karachi.
Counsel for one Abdul Latif who was convicted in 10 years old girl rape case argued that convict committed the crime on being provoked by the girl.
During the course of proceedings, the counsel for the family of victim girl told the court that the accused Abdul Latif raped a ten year old girl and the trial court awarded him 25 year sentence.
THIRTY-FIVE Greenhead Old Girls met to celebrate their 70th year.
Police sources claim that a nine year old girl named Fauzia Sharki was sold for a sum of 120,000 rupees by her father to a 45 year old man in the name of marriage.
Lahore -- The alleged rape of a 10 year old girl created outrage amongst the residents of Mustafa Town Lahore.
As well as abusing a nine-year- old girl and a four-year- old girl , he offered to trade indecent pictures on the internet and handed out advice on the web about grooming children.
BHAKAR, May 27, 2010 (Frontier Star): A 10 year old girl who had run away from her home has been sent to Dar-ul-Aman by the court.
The latest victims were a 16-year-old girl attacked on Good Friday on the banks of the River Shannon and a 19-year- old girl attacked in the same spot the previous Monday night.
ISLAMABAD -- Thirty five percent of the total population of Pakistan is aged 0-14 years, out of which 2 million are 10 year old girls.