old boy/girl

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old boy/girl

An elderly man or woman, especially an active or lively one. These old boys still like to get together and show off the improvements they've made to their cars, something they've been doing for over 40 years. My mother-in-law is going on a date this weekend. That old girl is feistier than I gave her credit for!
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old ˈboy/ˈgirl

1 an older man/woman: There’s a nice old boy living next door.
2 a former pupil of a school: He’s one of our most famous old boys.We have an old girls’ reunion every five years.
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old girl

n. an old lady; a lively old lady. What makes an old girl like that so feisty?
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THE John Gulson Old Boys' Association recently held its 64th consecutive annual reunion dinner at the Jaguar Social Club in Brown's Lane.
Students at West House School have the Parents' Association and Old Boys' Association tothank for the latest addition to their team - the smart 16-seat LDV bus.
The association were thanked for the 16-seat LDV vehicle, supplied by Old Boy Peter Bentley through Birmingham-based PFB Self Drive, which will enable boys up to the age of 11 to play more away games in an extended sports curriculum
PAST members of the City of Coventry Corps of Drums and the Coventry School of Music Old Boy's Association are being invited to take part in a concert at Broad Street Rugby Club, in Binley Woods, on May 12 next year, to mark the 60th anniversary of the Corps of Drums and the 21st birthday of the Old Boy's Association.
Caludon Castle RFC old boy, John Barton, went on to become an England international.
The 12-year-old boy was close to the swimming pool area when a 14-year- old boy approached him at 6.30pm on Monday.
ALAN Fletcher's unbeaten 44 steered CCC to a 58-run victory over Eaga Old Boys in the Just Sport Cup.
ELLAND Boys' Brigade Old Boys are getting together for a touching reunion.
FOOTBALL NEWELL'S OLD BOYS v BOCA JUNIORS 11.30pm NEWELL'S Old Boys were nowhere near their best when drawing 0-0 away to Boca Juniors in last Thursday's Copa Libertadores quarter-final, first leg clash but they can march into the last four with a home victory today, writes Dan Childs.
THE Holly Lodge and James Watt Annual Old Boys' Dinner will be held at the Clarendon Suite, Stirling Road, Birmingham, on May 10.
CARDIFF side Kratos Titans beat Whitchurch High School Old Boys 52-17 in the final of the 62nd Old Penarthians Sevens at Penarth last night.
THE Annual Dinner for Old Boys of Holly Lodge Grammar School and James Watt Technical School in Smethwick takes place in May.
The Old Boys and Penarth will not meet on Boxing Day, but the Old Boys will play a Penarth Barbarians side at 11.00am, that will have (hopefully) been raised by Mike Goldsworthy and Nick Wootton.
For the first time that session I saw ten-year-old boys acting like ten-year old boys. They were playing with each other and talking about which superhuman power they would pick if they could pick any.