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An industrial park was built around the old tree, but despite efforts of Kuhn and others to save it, it eventually died and had to be cut down.
An assisting agent, also 22 years old, was shot in the torso below his protective vest.
During these Manchester years, he embarked on an extensive range of publications on the Old Testament that achieved international recognition and acclaim.
Thane demonstrates that functional definitions of old age were most important.
In constructive completion transactions, the proposed regulations would deem the old taxpayer as completing the contract on the transaction date.
To accomplish a defeasance, the old borrower needs to buy enough Treasuries to give the Trust the right payment stream.
In some cases, data from old software fields must be split into two or more discreet units for loading into fields in the new software.
I don't like the kind of unit that makes a distinction between healthy old people and old old people, who are in frail health.
Spaces inside the new ship are acoustically and thermally separate from the old nave: temporal affairs do not compromise the spiritual.
They say that you don't grow old till your sense of comfort overtakes your sense of adventure.
Laufman himself started dancing in 1947, when he left urban Massachusetts to work on a New Hampshire dairy farm; there have always been rural pockets in New Hampshire (and elsewhere) where old-time fiddlers and dancers have never let the old traditions die.
Sell residence in old state and buy or lease a home or apartment new state.
825 million shares of Old York common stock will be exchanged for .
I remember this river," the old man began most of his stories.
Can chopping down old forests help curb global warming?