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An informal variant of "OK." Used to express acceptance, agreement, or assent. A: "Come on, Tom. We're ready to go to the park!" B: "Okey-doke!" A: "Sarah, could you go get those documents from the filing cabinet for us?" B: "Okey-doke, back in a flash."


An informal variation of OK. A: "Come on, Tom. We're ready to go to the park!" B: "Okey-dokey!" Okey-dokey, that ought to do it—your computer should be back in tip-top shape now!

okey-dokey, Smokey

A humorous variation of "okey dokey," itself an informal version of "OK." Used to express acceptance, agreement, or assent. A: "Come on, Tom. We're ready to go to the park!" B: "Okey-dokey, Smokey!" A: "All right, Sarah, I need you to secure the jib!" B: "Okey-dokey, Smokey, consider it done!"
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interj. yes; OK. (Folksy.) Okey-dokey, I’ll be there at noon.
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Can you hurry up please." Operator: "Okey dokey, we will come and have a look at it." "Ok.
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