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OKAY has built great consumer trust over the years with reliable and quality products.
911 OPERATOR: Okay we'll get in there for not breathing.
Results of the multivariate analysis indicate that the more certain a woman was that she would like to have a baby and the greater value she placed on being a mother, the more likely she was to be trying to conceive rather than to be okay with either conceiving or not (odds ratio, 1.
I scored okay, I played safety okay and potted okay.
After the train stopped, Autrey yelled out to bystanders: "We're okay down here but I've got two daughters up there.
It hit him really hard and we all ran up and made sure he was okay and the helmet was okay.
It's okay that you don't have the time, ability or personal commitment to reach the proficiency level others have attained.
So--you either pay to belong to a club where consensual sex can take place if two or more people feel like it, and that's okay; or you pay at the door to get into a place for consensual sex and that's not okay.
But that was years ago,/married nineteen years an sorry only/that I've never had the chance to tell you/that it's okay, that I'm okay,/that no one could have saved me then,/not you or God, that I don't love you/anymore, by hope that someone does.
One solution to that problem is to understand that it is okay for the Air Force to begin sharing information even before it has all the facts, or even has a completely right answer, Miller said.
Okay, so you were looking for the smallest difference, all right?
Also, check the power supply TM or manufacturer to make sure that the power supply is installed properly and that tying the secondary to ground is okay.
Okay, okay, I'm quibbling--the book had to be organized somehow.
b These scaffolds-with-seats are okay for sedate golf buffs giving Tiger Woods some polite applause but watch football fans celebrate a goal and tell me you'd feel safe among the steel pipes.
That's one of my problems with the IT industry because we promised this paperless society and we haven't delivered, and it seems to be okay that we haven't delivered," Leith says.