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And that oil oozed up and ruined the sunset; and as for the moonbeams, they positively reeked of paraffine.
At the end of that trip we met together at midnight in a lonely field, under a blasted oak, and took an awful oath (we had been swearing for a whole week about the thing in an ordinary, middle-class way, but this was a swell affair) - an awful oath never to take paraffine oil with us in a boat again-except, of course, in case of sickness.
But methylated spirit is more wholesome when taken into the system in large quantities than paraffine oil.
Next the Wizard poured a pool of oil from the can upon the glass floor, where it covered quite a broad surface.
Standard Oil and Rockefeller--see upcoming footnote: "Rockefeller began as a member .
We cannot forbear giving the following remarkable page from the history of the times, to show how the need for reinvestment of the Standard Oil surplus crushed out small capitalists and hastened the breakdown of the capitalist system.
He had reached the limit of profitable investment of profits in the oil industry.
Rockefeller owns Standard Oil stock worth between four and five hundred millions at the market quotations.
The first to dance in the hot oil were the mullets, the bass followed, then the whitefish, the flounders, and the anchovies.
He rushed downstairs and sent somebody--they said the furnace man or somebody in the basement--out to a drug store for some oil and things to bind it up with.
It's something soft," said Delia, "that had oil on it.
And I wouldn't have then, only I sent up this cotton waste and oil from the engine-room this afternoon for a girl upstairs who had her hand burned with a smoothing-iron.
Group II & Group III Base Oils to Grow at the Expense of
Some of the big gourmet magazines are still focused on olive oils from overseas,'' she said.
This is not always a problem, since all oils turn darker when exposed to heat.