oil the wheels

oil the wheels


grease the wheels

If someone or something oils the wheels or greases the wheels of a process or system, they help things to happen successfully and without problems. The Bank of Amsterdam, a government bank owned by the city, had been established specifically to help oil the wheels of commerce. This effectively oils the wheels of diplomacy. Credit cards greased the wheels of the consumer boom by allowing us to buy what we want, when we want.
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oil the ˈwheels

(British English) (American English grease the ˈwheels) help something to happen easily and without problems, especially in business or politics: He doesn’t worry about bureaucratic procedures because he knows just where to oil the wheels.
See also: oil, wheel
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Commercial vehicle fleets oil the wheels of both the Mexican and Chilean economies but, at the same time, contribute to environmental pollution.
And even if there is some opposition, perhaps the Commission will feel able to oil the wheels, as it was supposed to do.
5m Finance for Business North East (FFBNE) programme, which was launched in 2010 by North East Finance to boost business growth, create jobs and oil the wheels of the local economy.
Once oil production falls further, there will be even less capital available to oil the wheels of economic diversification.
France will call for a conference, to be held in Paris, to oil the wheels of democratic paths in Lebanon and to discuss means to back the Lebanese economy," Mikati said.
5) Duke of Kent delivers Royal seal of approval to Kirklees and Calderdale A royal helped oil the wheels of industry, commerce and education on a visit to Kirklees and Calderdale.
As the UK Government gears up to oil the wheels of alternative finance, delegates will debate a new shape for the financial system in the 21st century, which could fundamentally change the rules of engagement.
Harnessing the expertise of the LEP, we have taken a forensic look at what type of support is needed to oil the wheels of enterprise in this city.
With me, I find taking the plunge and just getting started seems to oil the wheels of industry.
From this position they were able to help us navigate the regulations and oil the wheels that often make filming so difficult.
But alcoholic beverages were also used to oil the wheels of business and pleasure in much the same way as today.
Banks are vital to the economy, to oil the wheels of commerce and create jobs.
Belfast-based businessman Barnett aims to be at Newmarket today, where his filly is general 5-4 favourite to scoop the pounds 92,721 first prize, which would naturally help oil the wheels.
While it is said that money makes the world go round, today you may need to oil the wheels of your financial thinking so they don't get snarled up.