oh boy

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oh boy

1. An expression said when one is excited, pleased, or pleasantly surprised. Oh boy, a lot of people sure came to the fundraiser! A: "We're going to spend summer at Grandma and Grandpa's lake house!" B: "Oh boy! That will be swell!"
2. An expression said when one is frustrated by, exasperated about, resigned to something bad or unpleasant. Oh boy, another surprise inspection. I sure do love these. A: "Hi, Mr. Peterson? I need you to come in to the school and have a talk with us about your son." B: "Oh boy, what has he done now?"
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Oh, boy.

1. Inf. Wow! (Usually Oh, boy! An exclamation. It has nothing to do with boys.) Bill: Oh, boy! An old-fashioned circus! "Oh, boy!" shouted John. "Dinner smells great! When do we eat?"
2. Inf. I dread this!; This is going to be awful! "Oh, boy!" moaned Fred, as his old car stalled out, "Here we go again." Doctor: It looks like something fairly serious. Jane: Oh, boy. Doctor: But nothing modern medicine can't handle.
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Oh, boy!

exclam. Wow! Oh, boy! What a mess!
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The 59-year-old plays Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour and said the movie showed "words and actions can change the world and, boy oh boy, does it need changing".
Two taxis were doing three-point turns on the Stratford Road, cars were driving through red lights and indicators never seem to be used, but, oh boy, do they know where the horn is
He died in an air crash in 1959, aged 22, but in his short career produced classic hits such as That'll Be The Day, Peggy Sue and Oh Boy.
However, if we had compulsory voting in the 1997 Welsh Assembly Referendum we would not have the Welsh Assembly today and, oh boy, how much richer we would be - not forgetting the decline in education and health that we can thank the Assembly for.
It's a movie both mawkish and whimsical but, boy oh boy, does it deliver in the last 40 minutes or so.
One viewer said: "Vegan condoms oh boy oh boy oh boy"
Boy, oh boy, if you want really good advice, read the customer reviews at amazon.
The live production brings to life classic hits such as Peggy Sue, That'll be the Day and Oh Boy.
Although aged just 22 when he died, his music has lived on in such classics as Peggy Sue, Oh Boy, Rave On, Heartbeat, Raining In My Heart and the aforementioned That'll be the day.
All the classics are here: That'll Be The Day, Oh Boy, Maybe Baby, Peggy Sue, It Don't Matter Anymore, Raining In My Heart, Rave On, Think It Over, Heartbeat and the rest.
Boy oh boy can I relate to what Jim wrote about in the "Twenty Years, Holy Catfish
The classic Destroy Oh Boy will forever stand on its own, but this new shit is up there too.
Boy, oh boy, if they would ever designate a parking space for wheelchair users only and enforce it, life would be so much easier
During the week of the disaster, I found myself coincidentally reaching Lysistrata to a college theatre class, and boy, oh boy, I can't tell you how remarkable that has been.
Oh boy, you like oak, here it is in all its splendor.