oh boy

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oh boy

1. An expression said when one is excited, pleased, or pleasantly surprised. Oh boy, a lot of people sure came to the fundraiser! A: "We're going to spend summer at Grandma and Grandpa's lake house!" B: "Oh boy! That will be swell!"
2. An expression said when one is frustrated by, exasperated about, resigned to something bad or unpleasant. Oh boy, another surprise inspection. I sure do love these. A: "Hi, Mr. Peterson? I need you to come in to the school and have a talk with us about your son." B: "Oh boy, what has he done now?"
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Oh, boy.

1. Inf. Wow! (Usually Oh, boy! An exclamation. It has nothing to do with boys.) Bill: Oh, boy! An old-fashioned circus! "Oh, boy!" shouted John. "Dinner smells great! When do we eat?"
2. Inf. I dread this!; This is going to be awful! "Oh, boy!" moaned Fred, as his old car stalled out, "Here we go again." Doctor: It looks like something fairly serious. Jane: Oh, boy. Doctor: But nothing modern medicine can't handle.
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Oh, boy!

exclam. Wow! Oh, boy! What a mess!
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How I'd love to be that boy once more, boy oh boy if I only could!
She said: "Boy, oh boy, I'm coming to the UK and I can't wait to see you.
The people behind the infamous women's style blog Man Repeller launched Oh Boy way back in 2016, but it's still going strong with its interview-based format, where host Jay Buim talks to inspirational women about their style, thoughts on fashion and just plain old life.
After the successful run of "Oh Boy!" concert in 2016, Kapuso heartthrobs Derrick Monasterio and Rocco Nacino will once again unleash their wild side on stage.
Two taxis were doing three-point turns on the Stratford Road, cars were driving through red lights and indicators never seem to be used, but, oh boy, do they know where the horn is!When I thought I was clear of this nightmare another taxi on the island at the Valley reversed on the island just missing me.
He died in an air crash in 1959, aged 22, but in his short career produced classic hits such as That'll Be The Day, Peggy Sue and Oh Boy.
One of Donald's famous sayings is "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy."
The German star of "Oh Boy" and "Generation War" has moved from the movie to the music stage with band The Jazz Kids as debut record "Vilnius" is released.For actor Tom Schilling, now 35, the film "Oh Boy" was a double blessing: The award-winning 2012 comedy would prove to be one of his best performances, while during the filming he got to know his current band that also provided the movie soundtrack.
Demonic Toxin @DevilishToxin I heard the moose today, oh boy...
Recently won the acting prize at the German Film Awards for Oh Boy, which follows a twentysomething slacker as he wanders the streets of Berlin in search of a good cup of coffee and a greater purpose in life than the legal career he has just escaped.
Rock 'n' roll icon Conrad - original pop talent show winner, of 1960's Oh Boy! - has signed up to a select number of support slots on the tour and this is one.
Boy, oh boy, if you want really good advice, read the customer reviews at amazon.
Jerky, which has long been the choice of those seeking a high-protein snack, has become an even healthier thanks to Kent, Wash.-based Oberto Brands, which is unveiling its Oh Boy! Oberto All Natural Jerky line.
Although aged just 22 when he died, his music has lived on in such classics as Peggy Sue, Oh Boy, Rave On, Heartbeat, Raining In My Heart and the aforementioned That'll be the day.
At the Corniche, Villwock suffered a heart-breaking National High Points Title loss to Steve David of U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto for another year.