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ogle (at) someone or something

to stare at someone or something, usually with amorous or erotic relish. Don't just stand there and ogle at me! Stop ogling at those magazines.
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At first, the boy appears excited about the candy, but, when he notices what the candy girl is wearing, he begins staring at the server and ogling her, mouth agape.
Here's the video of the Atlanta Hawks fan ogling a cheerleader that has already garnered close to 2 million views since it was posted Wednesday.
But only 23 per cent of men were worried about their female partners ogling men.
I'd make it more like 43 minutes in the average day when the average guy is NOT ogling.
However, as he's French, it's almost obligatory and as we all know, Italy's President Berlusconi, allegedly, doesn't just stop at ogling.
And more than half of lads quizzed said they saw nothing wrong in ogling other women while out with wives or girlfriends.
How much you enjoy it sort of depends on either how much you like ogling a pretty woman or watching her suffer because of her attractiveness.