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ogle (at) someone or something

to stare at someone or something, usually with amorous or erotic relish. Don't just stand there and ogle at me! Stop ogling at those magazines.
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Built on an Anglo-Saxon ruin, the castle is one of the oldest inhabited buildings in England and was the ancestral home of the Ogles, one of the most famous border reiver families of the Middle Ages.
There will be plenty in the home crowd who will be cheering Ogle on to victory, and he believes that, despite injuries which ruled him out of a previously planned bout in August, the opportunity to fight in Manchester was not one he could miss.
The OGLE data showed that from 2002 to 2008, the stars began moving faster and getting closer.
But not only did Ogle repeatedly fail to turn up for her appointments, she was also caught shoplifting less than four weeks after the order had been imposed.
Ogle has placed his item on auction website Trade Me, and at present the top bid is NZ330 dollars with three days to run.
We have about 15 to 20 closures planned for this year, and they are where the town has declined to such a degree that we don't want to be represented there because we can't survive profitably," said Ogle.
Chief executive Charles Skinner, left, with managing director Paul Ogle at the new headquarters
Ogle defines his idea-spaces as domains or world views, such as myths, business models, scientific paradigms, and institutions, which are "rich with embedded intelligence," and contends that they are subject to the same laws that underlie networks.
INDA, Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, Cary, NC, has named Steve Ogle its new technical director.
Ogle has recently been appointed manager metallic monomer manufacturing.
We have a great need for the improvement of highways in Missouri, and this was a way to get more money without having to rely on a tax increase," says Associate Education Commissioner Gerri Ogle.
Tim Ogle, marketing director from Retail Eyes said, 'We are looking for thousands of people from 18 to 80 who want to test the food and drinks of their local pubs.
But unlike Jupiter, which has a surface temperature of 390[degrees]C (754[degrees]F), OGLE orbits so close to its star (or sun) that its surface temperature is 1,650[degrees]C (3,000[degrees]F).