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ogle at (one)

To stare at one, especially in a lecherous, lustful, or objectifying manner. Some guy at the bar has been ogling at me all night. Let's leave. I'm sorry, I really wasn't ogling at you, I was just lost in thought and happened to be staring in your direction.
See also: ogle

ogle (at) someone or something

to stare at someone or something, usually with amorous or erotic relish. Don't just stand there and ogle at me! Stop ogling at those magazines.
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With obesity levels of 40 per cent predicted by 2030, FSS are unlikely to see recommendations make an immediate impact - but Ogle is undeterred.
As with many engineering businesses, Ogle Models offers apprenticeships to ensure it has youngsters with the right skills to breathe fresh life into a workforce that Bennion acknowledges is ageing.
Built on an Anglo-Saxon ruin, the castle is one of the oldest inhabited buildings in England and was the ancestral home of the Ogles, one of the most famous border reiver families of the Middle Ages.
There will be plenty in the home crowd who will be cheering Ogle on to victory, and he believes that, despite injuries which ruled him out of a previously planned bout in August, the opportunity to fight in Manchester was not one he could miss.
Once extra upgrades to the airport's infrastructure have occurred, LIAT CEO Ian Brunton hopes to be able to move its operations to Ogle from the middle of this year.
Ogle, who is also a professor of pediatrics at the University of Colorado, Denver.
I am proud of our accomplishments during my time at INC Research and the efforts of our many talented employees across the globe who are dedicated in their efforts every day to help our customers bring new life-saving and life-enhancing therapies to market," said James Ogle.
Tylenda realized that the OGLE telescope had been pointing at the neighborhood of the red nova for years.
But not only did Ogle repeatedly fail to turn up for her appointments, she was also caught shoplifting less than four weeks after the order had been imposed.
Held on Day 1 and open to faculty and students in engineering, business and technology programs, the event is in its seventh year, said Mike Ogle, vice president of educational and technical services for MHIA.
From Mum, Dad, Rachel, Hazel, Billie, Charlie, Oliver, Michelle and your little son William xxxxxx OGLE Claire March 1, 1979-March 25, 2009.
Bludy good fun and you never need worry about the long walk to get your next pie ever again," the Herald Sun quoted Ogle as telling Waikato Times newspaper.
Microlensing events detected by the OGLE or MOA groups in the galactic bulge were studied for caustic behaviour in the microlensing lightcurve to detect the presence of planets around the lensing star.
The evening was planned and coordinated by outgoing Chancellor Terry Ogle and Lady Cooky Ogle.
Its managing director, Paul Ogle, said: "All of our team are very upbeat about our modern and stylish new work environment, and we are excited to continue our operation in a new location.