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officiate (as something) at (something)

To act or serve in an official presiding role of authority (such as a judge, referee, officiant, etc.) at some event. I was honored that my friend wanted me to officiate at his wedding. They asked Tom to officiate as the judge at the county fair bake-off.
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officiate (as something) (at something)

to serve as an official or moderator at some event. They asked me to officiate as a judge at the contest. Laura will officiate as parade marshal.
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The resolution's author, David Belin, a Des Moines lawyer who serves on the organization's board, says rabbinic officiation at interfaith weddings could actually work in favor of Jewish continuity, since rabbis could encourage the interfaith couples they marry to keep a Jewish household and rear their children as Jews.
But he added that rabbinic officiation at least carried ``no downside risk'' of alienating an interfaith couple from Judaism, a risk that might be posed, he said, by a rabbi's refusal to officiate.
He asks whether officiation of either arabbi or a pastor or co-officiation is ever a positive statement.
Each Rabbi should decide about officiation according to his/her own rabbinic conscience," the resolution reads.
The resolution of the central conference, which passed resoundingly by voice vote at its convention here, has no practical religious consequences, since it avoids the question of rabbinic officiation at same-sex marriages.
There are only three standards that are binding; the prohibition of rabbinic officiation at intermarriage; matrilineal definition of Jewishness; and the requirement of a Get (religious divorce) prior to remarriage.
For example, we may take three of the most divisive issues on the contemporary Jewish agenda -- partilineal descent, rabbinic officiation at interfaith marriages, and the acceptance of homosexual rabbis.
But attempted marriage has actually been construed to include things like civil unions or domestic partnerships, so other sorts of officiations of a same-sex relationship have fallen into this attempted marriage category.