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officiate (as something) (at something)

to serve as an official or moderator at some event. They asked me to officiate as a judge at the contest. Laura will officiate as parade marshal.
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As for the future, Alongi said he's going to keep officiating in the hopes of earning a second trip to the state tournament.
An officiating bible allows teams to do away with changing their defensive philosophies every time a commissioner change results in a new set of rules.
Officiating gave me another chance at pursuing my dreams and it is a proud moment for me today
The long-time head of the league's External Affairs and Communications and former assistant to the commissioner said that he will meet the 12 coaches this week to address their sentiments and inputs on officiating.
The encouragement given by her family and the main referee committee made Zarqa look forward to further enhance her skills and move one step closer to realize her dream of officiating matches at the FIFA World Cup after passing the recent fitness tests for international referees.
He was honoured by ICC for officiating in 150 ODIs.
The adoption of a VAR system comes after the league felt the need to improve its officiating processes and will allow the main referees to consult both assistant officiating staff and the VAR in order to make better decisions on the field.
A report in The Telegraph suggested Clattenburg was in pole position for the game, but UEFA rules prevent English referees officiating matches involving any of the home nations - with the exception of derby games.
Being a fighter helps you to understand the game better but officiating matches is completely different and that takes a lot of experience which comes with more time on the mat.
Former UO basketball star and Northwest Christian University men's basket ball coach Luke Jackson and KEZI anchorman Matt Templeman are among those expected to don those "zebra" stripes and take a shot at officiating some third- and fourth-grade basketball games.
Shortly before the vote, Thurston County Superior Court Judge Gary Tabor told colleagues that he was uncomfortable with the idea of officiating at same-sex partnering ceremonies and asked if other judges would perform them in his place, according to Seattlencom.
Burgess first became involved in officiating same-sex weddings when two male friends asked her to officiate their wedding.
Learn them Loftus did, and within a few years, intrigued by the stripes' side of the game, he had passed the basketball officials exam, stopped coaching and embarked on an officiating career that took him to highest levels, while earning the highest respect.
Lot of clergy this week: grandfather officiating; father officiating; another father officiating (he's the former rabbi of D.
The High Court Islamabad in its notice to officiating chairman had asked him to appear infront of the court and provide response to the 21 grounds based writ petition.