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officiate (as something) at (something)

To act or serve in an official presiding role of authority (such as a judge, referee, officiant, etc.) at some event. I was honored that my friend wanted me to officiate at his wedding. They asked Tom to officiate as the judge at the county fair bake-off.
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officiate (as something) (at something)

to serve as an official or moderator at some event. They asked me to officiate as a judge at the contest. Laura will officiate as parade marshal.
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Rennison will often officiate on a Saturday morning in a Church League match in Sheffield and then travels to Huddersfield for an open-age fixture.
He is a Grade One referee and has been officiating at world championships since 1991 and regularly officiates in international competitions all over the world.
BILLINGHAM'S Dave Sudron is celebrating after receiving news that he has been selected to officiate at October's Commonwealth Games being staged in Delhi, India.
The court said that a full-time ordained member of the clergy who presides over an established church's ecclesiastical services and ceremonies, conducts weddings and funerals, and administers the sacraments of the church--in short, one who "officiates"--is entitled to the statutory tax exemption.
Every player and every coach in every sport demands one thing of the official - consistency, an official who applies the laws correctly and similarly every time he officiates.
During an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show earlier this year, Sir Ian had revealed he will officiate the ceremony.