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officiate (as something) (at something)

to serve as an official or moderator at some event. They asked me to officiate as a judge at the contest. Laura will officiate as parade marshal.
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Adamson coach Franz Pumaren also expressed his displeasure with the officiating following the loss, describing it as 'the worst officiated game' he ever saw.
He officiated in the final of the 1996 Bukhatir League final between United National Bank and National Bank of Abu Dhabi.
It was the fourth time Humphries, from Netherley, has officiated at a major ranking final after twice handling the World Open Final and also the final of the Welsh Open.
Time Topic Mass service officiated by Archbishop Guy Boulos Nujeim at Saint Maroun Church in Jeita 09:30 Tripoli Maronite Archbishop George Abu Jaoude to receive well wishes on Saint Maroun holy day occasion, at the Maronite Bishopric in Tripoli 11:00 Upon an invitation from Archbisop Boulos Matar, mass service to be officiated by Maronite Patriarch Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir on the occasion of Saint Maroun Day, at Saint Georges Cathedral
Promoted to referee in 2004, he has officiated in 12 playoff games -- two Super Bowls, one conference championship, three divisional playoffs and six wild card games.
AUSTRALIAN umpire Daryl Harper, one of the two neutral umpires doing duty in the ongoing India- Sri Lanka Test here, may not have officiated in the most number of Test matches or ODIs, but he has a unique record to his name: officiating at most venues.
So far, Motton has officiated in the Devils' home games with Hull Stingrays and Nottingham Panthers, as well as Hull's trip to Belfast Giants and the Panthers' home clash with the Giants.
1 : to perform a ceremony or duty <A bishop officiated at the wedding.
Many games were canceled or officiated by just one referee instead of the two that typically officiate lacrosse games.
Further, it is anticipated that this bias will be most pronounced when the game being officiated is being played by men rather than by women.
Dell, who has officiated at holy union ceremonies for about 18 years, adds, "Jesus had no problem with breaking the rules of church and society if it meant you could reach out to somebody.
Young has officiated numerous events throughout California including Big Wheel Races at County Fairs in San Diego, Lancaster, Antioch and Sacramento and was officiating crew chief at The Ladies Rolling Pin Throw World Championships in San Jose in 1994 and 1995; and
Toman officiated football, basketball and baseball for youth athletes ranging from varsity high-schoolers down to fifth-graders.
com Ahmed Al Balushi, a basketball referee from Oman has officiated in eight games at the Rio Olympics in the first round and the quarter final of the basketball event.
I have officiated in Greece, Jordan, Thailand and in the California Grand Slam as well.