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dead marine

slang An empty bottle from an alcoholic beverage. (Potentially considered objectionable.) The yard was littered with dead marines the morning after the wild party. He looked up just in time to see a dead marine being swung at his face.
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Officer Friendly

A police officer who is perceived as non-threatening due to his calm and amiable demeanor. Dale, I know you think aggression is the best way to get information, but you'd be surprised how easy it is to get people to talk to you when you're Officer Friendly. Stop yelling at me! I want Officer Friendly to do my interrogation!
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repo officer

slang A person whose job entails repossessing property from people who have fallen into debt. I worked for a time as a repo officer for a department store. You wouldn't believe the amount of crap people would buy on credit when they had no realistic way of paying it back. I was forced to live out of my car for a few months, until the repo officer eventually came and repossessed that, too.
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dead marine

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marine (recruit)

and marine officer
n. an empty beer or liquor bottle. (see also dead soldier, dead marine. These expressions are probably meant as derogatory to either marines or officer.) Every now and then the gentle muttering of the customers was accented by the breaking of a marine as it hit the floor. There’s a marine officer laying in the fireplace.
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marine officer

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The officer superintended all these details with the same calmness Milady had constantly seen in him, never pronouncing a word himself, and making himself obeyed by a gesture of his hand or a sound of his whistle.
"That person is here, madame," said the officer, leaving the entrance open, and drawing himself up in an attitude of respect.
Then, turning toward the door, and seeing that the young officer was waiting for his last orders, he said.
"But is it the custom for the officers in the English navy to place themselves at the service of their female compatriots when they land in a port of Great Britain, and carry their gallantry so far as to conduct them ashore?"
But there will be no change in commanding officers, in routine or in discipline, until after we have docked again in New York."
But it accomplished nothing other than to convince me that there were several officers upon it who were in full sympathy with Johnson, for, though no charges had been preferred against him, the board went out of its way specifically to exonerate him in its findings.
I had not asked any of my officers to accompany me, as I wished to be alone, and very glad am I now that I had not.
Similarly, Mohammad Adnan Khattak has been posted as assistant director PDMA, Ashraf Uddin as section officer industries department, Mohammad Arif as section officer transport department, Abdus Salam as section officer excise department, Najmullah as section officer health department, Ishaq Ahmad as section officer sports department, Mohammad Iqbal as section officer home department, Irshad Khan as section officer agriculture department, Tauseefullah as section officer health department, Shakeel Ahmad as section officer excise department, Zahid Pervez as section officer population department, Waqas Ahmad as section officer local government department, Noorul Haq as assistant director PDMA and Mohammad Amjad Khan as section officer science and information technology department.
I used to put my gun on the coffee table, stand 4 or 5 feet away, jump up in the air through the cuffs, come down, grab the gun, and bring it back up in seconds," advised an offender who had attacked an officer while handcuffed.
Air Force officials will implement three changes to officer selection briefs, or OSBs; two changes deal with presentation of data related to developmental education, while a third change deals with deployment history.
How does D & O insurance affect a director's or officer's rights to corporate indemnification?
Because there was no viable career track and little or no formal recognition of international skills as a critical warfighting enabler, the decision to be a foreign area officer was perceived as a career-ending move.
* 605 officers were attacked with personal weapons such as hands, fists, or feet; 229 of these assaults resulted in injury to a federal officer.
The department's report leaves out the number of allegations made against each officer. When told of the omission, Joseph Bird, a legal officer for the department, said, "This is how we're going to comply with the statute."
Speyer, president and chief executive officer, Tishman Speyer Properties, New York, New York, renamed deputy chairman.