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Deferred-payment offer: the offered amount to be paid over the life of the collection statute.
1, which provides that when doubt as to collectibility is the basis for the offer, the amount offered must reflect "all that can be collected from the taxpayer's equity in assets and income, present and prospective," after giving effect to all priorities granted to the Government.
Interest continues to accrue, but only on the offered amount.
Large discount to previous acquisition multiples offered to Scania
The Mittal Steel shares offered will be new class A common shares, with identical rights as existing class A common shares and entitlement to any dividends declared after their date of issuance.
A registration statement relating to the ValueClick common stock being offered has been filed today with the SEC but has not yet become effective.
The same price offered in the original offer period of $3.
EMC has received a copy of the Offer to Purchase documents, dated February 15, 2005, pursuant to which TRC Capital has offered to purchase in cash up to 10,000,000 outstanding shares of Common Stock of EMC, representing less than one percent of the outstanding shares of EMC Common Stock.
The rights and shares of common stock are not being offered or sold to any person outside the United States.
The Purchaser has offered to purchase all the units (other than units held by ARV Assisted Living, Inc.