offer for

offer (something) for (something)

To propose that something or some amount of money be given in exchange for something else. They only offered me $200 for my car! I'm offering this brand new scooter for your bike—that's a great deal for you!
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offer something for something

to suggest a certain amount of money as a purchase price for something. I'll offer you ten bucks for that watch. They offered me very little for my car.
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However, I shook them off, and still flattered myself that something or other might offer for my advantage.
'as well satisfied now as I did then'; adding, that his company had been a means to make me live much more cheerfully than otherwise I should have done, for which I was much obliged to him; and so I put off all room for any offer for the present.
A total of 17,979 valid applications have been received pursuant to the Public Offer for a total of 1,315,176,000 Public Offer Shares, equivalent to approximately 131.52 times of the total number of 10,000,000 Public Offer Shares initially available for subscription under the Public Offer.
The Company intends to use the net proceeds it will receive from the Share Offer for the following purposes:
Australia's competition regulator said on Friday it had started a review of the offer for Qantas from a group led by Macquarie and private equity firm Texas Pacific Group.
Qantas's board agreed to a sweetened AUD$5.60 a share offer for Australia's flag carrier on Thursday.
One hour before MTA's imposed Friday deadline, Madison Square Garden provided the MTA with a 12-page letter detailing its $600 million offer for the rights to develop a mixed-use community centered around residential housing over the Hudson Yards.
When the offer is returned on these grounds, the Service will not refund the application fee unless the offer was accepted for processing in error.Also, the return of the offer for any of the reasons does not constitute a rejection; thus, the taxpayer cannot appeal to the IRS Office of Appeals under Regs.
Waterloo, Ontario-based Open Text, a maker of collaboration software, first announced its cash offer for Accelio on Dec.
Once you have a solid, in-depth sense of values and have had serious discussions with buyers for this area, then and only then, should you consider telling an owner that you have an offer for them.
An offer for less might be accepted, as long as it reasonably reflects collection potential.
"Buyers are uncomfortable in a negotiated sale environment as they are often uncertain as to how much to offer for a truly unique property.
When preparing an offer for a client, the practitioner should attach a statement to Form 656, Offer in Compromise, describing in detail why he believes the Service cannot collect more than the offer from his client's assets and present and future income.