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offend against

1. To affront, betray, or violate the principles or laws of someone or something. Anyone who offends against the moral codes of our town will face strict, merciless punishment. Pardon me, madam. I did not mean to offend against you or your fair virtues. Police have been given the authority to arrest anyone offending against this law without a warrant or a trial.
2. To commit a sexual crime against someone. The team doctor had systematically offended against young gymnasts for nearly 20 years before he was finally arrested.
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offend (one) with (something)

To instill or instigate a feeling of anger, displeasure, or hurt in one because of something one did or said. I think you may have offended our clients with your off-color remarks. Please don't offend my grandparents with any rude behavior, OK?
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offend against someone or something

to anger or affront someone or something. We do not wish to offend against anyone. He didn't realize that he offended against their cultural values.
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offend someone with something

to anger or affront someone with something. Don't offend us with your bad jokes. I offended Ralph with my constant niggling.
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Furthermore, in the 1993 National Task Force Report from the National Adolescent Perpetrator Network (National Task Force on Juvenile Sexual Offending), it was pointed out that every sexually abusive youth should understand the role of sexual arousal in their sexual offending and should reduce their deviant sexual arousal.
We are introducing reforms to break the cycle of youth offending including robust intervention, increasing the use of restorative justice and supporting local programmes which better tackle the root causes of youth crime and reoffending.
Acknowledging the difficulties in comparing rates of offending between girls and boys, Sprott and Dood find that girls' involvement in crime and violence has not changed substantially in 20 years.
Two articles found in this issue speak to the need for new insights, modalities, and conceptualizations, particularly those that have proven useful with the sexually offending population.
For every three matches in a row that this happens, the offending team to lose 15 points and be fined pounds 1million.
He said: "Christianity is being eroded from view - more often than not in the fear of offending those who would not be offended.
The foundational task of this approach is that the work of probation is to prevent offending and not just react to it.
Second, a seven-person committee of private sector financial and economic experts will work with the Secretary of the Treasury and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve to submit to Congress a report every six months that will determine which countries, if any, have a "'fundamentally misaligned" currency; will identify the macroeconomic and other causes of the "fundamental misalignment" (including monetary and financial conditions, capital controls, levels of investment, trade restrictions, and export dependence for growth); and will propose remedies that the offending country or countries need to take to remove these causes.
A common excuse given for banishing public mention of Christmas from the marketplace is the fear of offending atheists, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and other non-Christians.
And let's not kid ourselves they actually care about racism or offending people of other faiths.
Zimring, An American Travesty: Legal Responses to Adolescent Sexual Offending.
Each issue includes a "country survey" of a selected country within Europe, with information on that country's criminal justice system, trends in crime and punishment, analysis of policy and the results of policy, patterns of offending behavior, cross-national trends, repeat offending, comparative criminal process and human rights, youth offending, parents and crime and community influences on crime.
His chief concern with those Norms with a zero tolerance clause for offending priests, and other documents dealing with the sins of homosexuals, seemed to be that they do hot respect the difference between the internal and external fora.
Cox Proportional Intensity regression analyses were conducted to predict the rates of adult offending of different offense types (i.