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offend (one) with (something)

To instill or instigate offense, anger, or displeasure in one by some words or actions. I think you may have offended our clients with your off-color remarks. Please don't offend my grandparents with any rude behavior, OK?
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offend against

1. To affront, betray, or violate the principles or laws of someone or something. Anyone who offends against the moral codes of our town will face strict, merciless punishment. Pardon me, madam. I did not mean to offend against you or your fair virtues. Police have been given the authority to arrest anyone offending against this law without a warrant or a trial.
2. To commit a sexual crime against someone. The team doctor had systematically offended against young gymnasts for nearly 20 years before he was finally arrested.
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offend against someone or something

to anger or affront someone or something. We do not wish to offend against anyone. He didn't realize that he offended against their cultural values.
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offend someone with something

to anger or affront someone with something. Don't offend us with your bad jokes. I offended Ralph with my constant niggling.
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The Palace official then explained that under the new law, the 'offended party must be offended personally by an offender.'
'If anyone feels offended, I apologise, no problem,' Annuar told reporters in Parliament today, after he was roundly criticised by several Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) politicians for his remarks.
offend might wife, that's of people of it George Mair " He added: "People often stop committing crime because they are afraid o getting caught, rather than afraid of the punishment.
It should be stressed, however, that there is very little evidence to support the assumption that most adolescents who offend sexually actually have deviant sexual interests.
Are Muslims offended when a dog passes them on the street?
He said: "Christianity is being eroded from view - more often than not in the fear of offending those who would not be offended."
"Being offended is part of college," Lukianoff said.
And by anti-Christ mob - I don't mean people of other religions - I'm talking about those idiots from local councils and government offices who call themselves Diversity Officers and whose job it is to think up ways people might, just might, be offended by the word Christmas.
If you participate in dance competitions and take the chance of choosing the Madonna song for the 8-year-old, and you offend the judges, are you doing justice to your dancer?
foreign policy because (a) the government objected to the paper (b) the teacher changed his mind about her grade (e) papers were to be publicly displayed and it was feared the essay would offend people (d) school rules prohibited criticism of the U.S.
We asked young people, their whanau, and those who work with them about the factors that lead young Maori to offend. They identified a range of factors including:
While it is possible attendance at Ilderton might sway a court to impose a lower sentence, it is far more likely that the Ilderton group, when they do offend, commit less serious offences.
Victor Frankenstein, but no Lord's Prayer IT is with sadness dismay and anger as a Christian to read that the cinema authorities have banned the showing of the Lords prayer at a time when Jesus birth is about to be celebrated the feeble excuse used that it might offend other faiths.