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offend against

1. To affront, betray, or violate the principles or laws of someone or something. Anyone who offends against the moral codes of our town will face strict, merciless punishment. Pardon me, madam. I did not mean to offend against you or your fair virtues. Police have been given the authority to arrest anyone offending against this law without a warrant or a trial.
2. To commit a sexual crime against someone. The team doctor had systematically offended against young gymnasts for nearly 20 years before he was finally arrested.
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offend (one) with (something)

To instill or instigate offense, anger, or displeasure in one by some words or actions. I think you may have offended our clients with your off-color remarks. Please don't offend my grandparents with any rude behavior, OK?
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offend against someone or something

to anger or affront someone or something. We do not wish to offend against anyone. He didn't realize that he offended against their cultural values.
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offend someone with something

to anger or affront someone with something. Don't offend us with your bad jokes. I offended Ralph with my constant niggling.
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References in classic literature ?
Therefore, he who despises the tulip offends God beyond measure.
Professor George Mair, an expert in criminal justice at Liverpool Hope University, said people are most likely to offend in their late teens.
In fact, sinubo ang pangalan pero hindi ako pumunta dun precisely so as not to offend anyone.
Victor Frankenstein, but no Lord's Prayer IT is with sadness dismay and anger as a Christian to read that the cinema authorities have banned the showing of the Lords prayer at a time when Jesus birth is about to be celebrated the feeble excuse used that it might offend other faiths.
There are plenty of things that offend me, but we live in a free society where everyone should have the freedom to show support for their lost comrades and colleagues, so what on earth are these police chiefs talking about?
Oh, and if people who offend against the Left are themselves offended by the Left, that doesn't count.
adolescents who offend sexually have also been subjected to registration and community notification laws in the hopes of protecting people from being victimized by these youth (Zimring, 2004).
Our intention with our new video was never to offend, hurt or trivialize Native American people, their culture or their history," the group wrote Saturday on their (http://www.
When is someone going to stand up for the majority of people who DO find pleasure in whatever pleases them instead of having local councillor Iona Gordon demanding the shop blacks out its windows because it MIGHT offend Muslims and others.
One indication of how confused we are comes from the manner in which politicians, activists and commentators keep assuring us that the right to freedom of speech does not give us the right to offend people.
Over half of young adults in custody re-offend within a year of release and up to two thirds offend within two years.
1 : to hurt the feelings of or insult <She uses language that offends people.
Maples has categorically stated that she does not want to offend, arguing that her work actually explores the confusion that many young Muslims face in contemporary western society, not least about what it means to be a "good" Muslim.
Are Muslims so blinkered that they can't understand the postcards were not sent out to offend their religion, but for information?
First, of the client populations with whom clinicians work, those who offend tend to elicit all varieties of clinician bias, fear, and downright revulsion.