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Jennifer's Body is a distinctly off-kilter teen horror that doesn't quite find its rhythm.
A new vote for the presidency and vicepresidency was held two years later, and the election cycle has been off-kilter since.
Everything seems very prim and normal and then you notice it's off-kilter.
In London, a Dutch banker named Hans hears the news, and remembers his unlikely friendship with Chuck and the off-kilter New York in which it flourished: the New York of 9/11, the powercut and the Iraq war.
The stumbling, out-of-time bass rumble keeps everything brilliantly off-kilter, and by the end of the record you feel like you've emerged from tailing a tired ghost through Tokyo's backstreets at 3AM.
This remarkable indie quintet -- which, naturally, is from Georgia -- has made an irresistible new album that somehow puts together Eurodisco, atonal guitar, cheerfully gloomy lyrics and some unexpectedly bracing off-kilter melodies for a cartoony set that's as addictive as Pez.
Usually they're anywhere from 7 to 10 pounds," she reported, adding that the off-kilter manner in which a purse is carried is a big part of the problem.
Thus was the tone set for the 75-minute piece, careening between casual and formal, traditional and modern, and frequently off-kilter.
Restrained in comparison to previous scenarios, both Champion--featuring a classically draped hero toting a lifelike Goliath-size decapitated head--and Homo habilis, with its off-kilter natural history diorama vibe, nevertheless seem vaguely hokey exceptions to White's new lower-key rule.
It is not helped by some quirky casting leading to some off-kilter performances by the two principals.
Some off-kilter, Gang of Four-ish, party edge-type of stuff, with the second song rendered catchy and toe tapping.
The block includes such off-kilter postmodern cartoons as "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," a send-up of classic action-hero shows starring a life-sized talking milkshake prone to such bizarrely ill-informed pronouncements as "plaque is a figment of the liberal media and the dental industry to scare you into buying useless appliances and pastes"; "Sealab 2021," a workplace comedy where nobody can ever leave the underwater office; "Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law," a "Perry Mason"-like spoof in which a winged superhero with a law degree defends famous cartoon figures accused of various crimes; and "Home Movies," a show about a single mom, her moviemaking son, and his alcoholic soccer coach, all united in their mutually amiable incompetence.
Each scene gets wilder, choreographed with an off-kilter panache resulting in moments worthy of the Drunken Master films.
From their accents and their bungled English to their often off-kilter understanding of American culture, her characters represent the hodgepodge of sights and sounds that make up a place as diverse as Queens.