off topic

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*off topic

not on the topic of discussion; far from the general subject of a discussion; not part of the purpose of a particular communication channel, such as an Internet newsgroup. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; get someone ~.) The boys in the back of the room just love to get the teacher off topic.
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Fuelled with a desire to bring a colourful and eclectic mix of Arab and Asian infusion into the world of merchandise, young Emirati Salama Mohammed along with her best friend Pang Xiong founded Off Topic, a "small but enormously creative project started by two girls who live in different parts of the world".
It is acceptable if many of the results are off topic as long as a satisfactory result appears in the top few.
On One2four, a student nurse threw in her 5c, slightly off topic (but that's social media for you): Hey Julia start paying our future RNs for their training in the hospitals .
Seeing that we're talking about covers and tributes by sons of their fathers, the inherently deep-rooted Deadhead in me cannot help but stray off topic before I end this instalment of DC.
Post meaningful, respectful comments: no spam, no remarks that are off topic or offensive.
Her business, Off Topic, has been running for almost a year now.
A world without bananas would be a terrible place," I heard a colleague muse, before moving off topic to the terrible demise of afternoon tea.
There are enough supercars and Gucci-clad teenagers in the country to prove that UAE residents have a spending problem (we hate to go off topic, but has anyone noticed a rise in 'gangsta'-style mall rats dressed in Versace, calling each other homies and the n-word?
I have also wanted to write many times, but I always end up going off topic, so I decided to follow a rule I learned by reading these two great magazines - Keep It Simple Stupid.
Additionally, this will help you from veering too far off topic.
You are adding insult to injury by veering off topic, addressing the issue of publishing an inconclusive research study, instead of focusing on the insulting statement.
I could easily see someone prone to distraction or veering off topic getting lost on the site in something entirely off the path.
First, Northern Light's Web search results often appear arbitrary and off topic.
At times, the book may seem to wander a little off topic.
In closing, although I found some of Spring's book to be off topic, and the title to be somewhat misleading, this book is well worth the read for anyone interested in learning more about how the dominant group in the U.