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"You see, my friends, when a man has had a taste of that kind of travelling, he can't get along afterward with any other; so, on our next expedition, instead of going off to one side, we'll go right ahead, going up, too, all the time."
I thanked him; I couldn't do less; and about this time a lackey came to say I was wanted; so Clarence led me in and took me off to one side and sat down by me.
It rolled off to one side and laid there quite quiet but I didn't dare move and I don't know what would have become of me if Amos Cowan hadn't come along that very minute with a lantern.
The fresh breeze was blowing right down upon us, and I could hear the whistle plainly, off to one side and a little ahead.
As Jerry lay off to one side where she had forgotten him, the wild-dog he had bullied on the Arangi came up and sniffed at him.
"Our supporters enjoyed the camaraderie of the occasions of visiting Peterhead and hosting Sutton United last season and indeed many East Fife fans who travelled to Dublin put the disappointment of the game being called off to one side to spend time with our supporters in our club bars.
"They took me off to one side and we had a five-minute conversation that could be life-changing for me.
Meanwhile, off to one side are fishermen mending their nets, preparing for the next trip out into the Gulf of Oman.
Another clip showed Prince Charles standing off to one side with his brother Prince Andrew.
Then just last weekend, there was that Xiamen Air misapproach at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport runway, which caused its plane careen off to one side. The plane blocked the way of inbound and outbound flights by numerous carriers.
The 'I' had gone slightly skewed, off to one side, in italics, as if it was a pretend 'I', not one I really meant.
One car in the middle of the Amtrak train was snapped in half, forming a V off to one side of the tracks.
Off to one side, a whole room is dedicated to Alexander Hamilton--lauded as "the principal architect of America's free-market capitalist system" for his founding of the U.S.
If the muzzle is off to one side of the scope's centerline, those two lines (bore and scope) will diverge as the distance from zero increases.