off (one's) rocker

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off (one's) rocker

Crazy; mentally unsound; extremely foolish. I'm going to go off my rocker if I have to hear that song one more time! I think Jane's grandmother is a little off her rocker these days. You must be off your rocker if you think that's a good idea!
See also: off, rocker

*off one's rocker

 and *off one's nut; *off one's trolley
Fig. crazy; silly. (*Typically: be ~; go ~.) Sometimes, Bob, I think you're off your rocker. Good grief, John. You're off your nut.
See also: off, rocker

off one's rocker

Also, off one's nut or trolley . See off one's head.
See also: off, rocker

off your rocker

If someone is off their rocker, they are crazy. He must be off his rocker, paying that much for a shirt! Note: You can also say that someone goes off their rocker to mean that they become crazy. Sometimes I think he's going off his rocker.
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off your rocker

crazy. informal
A rocker in this expression is a concave piece of wood or metal placed under a chair or cradle enabling it to rock back and forth.
1932 Evelyn Waugh Black Mischief It's going to be awkward for us if the Emperor goes off his rocker.
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ˌoff your ˈrocker

(informal, spoken, especially British English) (of a person) crazy: Spend a thousand pounds on a dress! Are you off your rocker?
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off one’s rocker

mod. silly; giddy; crazy. (see also rocker.) That silly dame is off her rocker.
See also: off, rocker

off (one's) rocker

Out of one's mind; crazy.
See also: off, rocker
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We look forward to 2018 as a government-in-waiting, ready to take over and serve the interests of the many, not the few" Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn "The Brits have got to be off their rocker to pick a fight with the Irish" Dublin-born chef Richard Corrigan
JOHN HENRY reckons those who labelled Jason Scotland an SPL flop must be off their rocker.
GIOVANNI Trapattoni last night warned anyone who thinks Ireland will have it easy against Estonia is off their rocker.
THE Harry Styles/older women running gag on ITV's charming Off Their Rockers.
Yes, Off Their Rockers is back and the pensioner pranksters are being naughtier and funnier than ever.
SINCE Harry Hill's TV Burp ended I haven't often laughed out loud at the telly, however, that all changed on Sunday night as I watched Off Their Rockers.
The fresh-faced actress is spry for her age, starring in the TV Land series, "Hot in Cleveland," and also hosts the practical joke reality show, "Betty White's Off Their Rockers.
But I reckon big, ugly centre-halve are also off their rockers.
Section 4 has these guidebooks relating to special topics in service learning: Service Learning and Character Education; Hooking Out-of-School Youth through Service Learning; off Their Rockers into Service; and Students Serving Students.
Those who question it are not totally off their rockers, nor do they threaten everything we hold near and dear.
There's plenty of fun entertainment on TV this week as we watch celebs get teased by their kids on Big Star's Little Stars and OAP's prank the public in Off Their Rockers.
Off Their Rockers Proving that age is just a number, this new hidden camera series sees senior citizens (including Rosie Banister, left) and members of the public in a series of pranks.
I'm sure it wasn't deliberate, but after all the recent wisecracks about Madonna's age surely someone at ITV should have thought twice about the continuity announcement that followed her appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show: "Looking ahead to Sunday, senior citizen silliness continues in Off Their Rockers.
Back for a third run, Off Their Rockers sees a bunch of eccentric senior citizens misbehaving by playing light-hearted pranks on unsuspecting members of the public.
Welcome There's plenty of fun entertainment on TV this week as we watch celebs get teased by their kids on Big Star's Little Stars and OAP's prank the public in Off Their Rockers.