off (one's) nut

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off (one's) nut

Crazy or insane. I think you're off your nut for changing careers this late in life, but, hey, follow your dreams. He's off his nut if he thinks he can get that engine fixed by this weekend.
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off your nut

out of your mind; crazy. informal
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ˌoff your ˈnut

(British English, informal, spoken) crazy: Is he completely off his nut?
Nut is an informal word for your head.
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off one’s nut

1. mod. crazy; out of one’s head. Don’t pay any attention to her. She’s off her nut.
2. mod. alcohol intoxicated. Those guys are so off their nuts!
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They're off their nut." We got similar positive tests at other bars around the Calle Gerona central strip and "British square" which attracts thousands of Brits in peak season.
Almost 9000 folk going off their nut, creating an atmosphere that blitzed the senses.
Corey Taylor, the frontman of Slipknot - one of America's biggest bands famed for their horror rock, grotesque masks and setting fire to their drum kits - said he loved Welsh fans and called them 'off their nut'.
"It wasn't just the pair of them going off their nut at half-time, but they changed it tactically as well which helped us.
The Dragons thought customers might be put off their nut loaf by such attire and refused to cough up.
"If anyone had told me then the position I'd be in now I'd have said they'd be off their nut.
If anyone thinks we are moving forwards and have turned the corner they are off their nuts."