off (one's) head

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off (one's) head

1. Crazy, insane, or eccentric. Often used humorously or sarcastically. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. I think you're off your head for changing careers this late in life, but, hey, follow your dreams. He's off his head if he thinks he can get that engine fixed by this weekend. My auntie likes to let people think she's off her head, but she's actually incredibly clever and witty.
2. Severely intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. No wonder he's failing—he's off his head every night! We all popped the pills and were off our heads by the time the concert started.
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off one's head

Also, off one's nut or rocker or trolley or chump . Crazy, out of one's mind, as in You're off your head if you think I'll pay your debts, or I think Jerry's gone off his nut over that car, or When she said we had to sleep in the barn we thought she was off her rocker, or The old man's been off his trolley for at least a year. The expression using head is colloquial and dates from the mid-1800s, nut has been slang for "head" since the mid-1800s; rocker, dating from the late 1800s, may allude to an elderly person falling from a rocking chair; trolley, also dating from the late 1800s, may be explained by George Ade's use of it in Artie (1896): "Any one that's got his head full of the girl proposition's liable to go off his trolley at the first curve." The last, chump, is also slang for "head" and was first recorded in 1859.
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off your head


out of your head

1. If someone is off their head or out of their head, they are crazy. You must be off your head to live in this area. If he didn't kill anybody it was only by luck because he was out of his head and screaming like a maniac.
2. If someone is off their head or out of their head, they have taken so many drugs or drunk so much alcohol that they do not know what they are doing. Basically, this song sounds great when you're off your head on Ecstasy. These days I get out of my head on one glass of wine.
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off (or out of) your head

1 mad or crazy. 2 extremely drunk or severely under the influence of illegal drugs. informal
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off one's head, rocker, etc.

See go off one's head.
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References in classic literature ?
Taking the crowns off their heads the priest read the last prayer and congratulated the young people.
"If you see those men forcing these young girls into marriage, they should be cut off their heads. This is because this practice is akin to killing the young children, " said Lenku.
SIR Alex Ferguson has claimed that anyone believing he could put out the same side that defeated FC Porto in Manchester United's FA Cup semi- final with Everton today is "off their heads".
SIR Alex Ferguson has claimed anyone believing he could play the same side that defeated FC Porto in Manchester United's FA Cup semi-final with Everton tomorrow is "off their heads".
After the warriors from the Shaolin Temple helped Mrs Sullivan from Hall Green with her paving by smashing bricks off their heads, one has to wonder where all this is going to end.
A MUM came home to find her son, niece and nephew dead after a brutal killer tried to hack off their heads.
Dave chops off their heads, my husband Tom Sinks hangs the birds then dips them, Dave plucks them (using a super cool electric plucker), and Bev Carney dresses them out--with great help from Caleb and Nathan.
Snapshot #2: My 18-year-old sister Luanne, standing with clumps of friends, all of them grinning and wearing the dark green gowns of their upcoming graduation and clutching mortarboards that threaten to topple off their heads. You can tell from their Green Bay Packer-colored green-and-gold tassels that there's a good breeze stirring the poplars on this bright Sunday morning.
"By the time I realised they were chickens the lads had torn off their heads and were playing bat and ball with them," she said.
"They should chop off their heads," said Mr Thimios Lyberopoulos, the head of Athens' taxi drivers association.