off (one's) game

(redirected from off their game)

off (one's) game

Unable to perform as well as usual. She never misses that shot. She must be off her game today. Staying up late last night really put me off my game at work.
See also: game, off

*off one's game

Fig. not able to play a sport as well as normal. (*Typically: be ~; put one ~; throw one ~.) I'm a little tired, and that generally puts me off my game.
See also: game, off

off (or on) your game

playing badly (or well).
See also: game, off
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AFTER a good win against Kimberley in their Division E South Notts League game the week previous, Sutton Bonington joined almost everyone else in the whole competition on Saturday having to call off their game because of heavy rain.
Even the cobbles didn't put these kids off their game in Everton, in 1956
Kopczak said: "Anything can happen with Jacko and Robbie - we need to reverse that, attack them and put them off their game."
Vanarama National League CHESTER FC 2 LINCOLN CITY 3 By JIM GREEN STEVE BURR feels a lot of his squad are 'off their game.'.
They pressed the home side hard, giving them little time to settle and the Bluebirds were really thrown off their game by it.
In the Third Division, despite passing an initial inspection Elgin were forced to call off their game with Clyde at 4.15pm as Borough Briggs also became waterlogged.
That could put them off their game in the table football tournament and, if I'm lucky, the real one as well.'
Harriers, left without a game on Saturday when Luton Town called off their game after having just four fit players available, have brought forward the home game with Swifts from January.
The ill-fitting navy suit with red tie and matching handkerchief probably put his players off their game.
The Irish also called off their game against Scotland at Murrayfield on April 7.
Practically everyone called off their games and exhibited great maturity and sensitivity in their public statements.