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At first, I was cutting out everything that had to do with exclusion because I thought it was off the subject, but it kept coming in.
An agenda will also help to keep things focused, rather than straying off the subject.
They're uncalled-for distractions, and often take the reader's mind off the subject. So read your message over one more time.
When Anna Diamantopoulou, Commissioner for Social Affairs, flew East to Japan on March 6 and 7, she kept off the subject of EU-Japan relations, preferring to concentrate on her specialism, social affairs in Europe.
Are we ever going to get off the subject? "I mean there are 23 men in the squad, we are preparing for the future and we seem to be discussing one man until the cows come home."
He was told he couldn't ask any personal questions and only chat about her first album of new album for 20 years, The Performance If he ventured off the subject, he was warned, the Dame would probably just up and leave or he would be asked to hot foot it.
Teenagers are put off the subject because too many lessons focus on Hitler, Ofsted boss David Bell said.
If you keep nagging her and drawing attention to it you might make it worse, so keep off the subject if you can.
Dunchurch-based Bell reflected on a job well done as he continued to make the most of his opportunities at this level - but he could not keep his mind off the subject of this summer's much-awaited Ashes for long.
Bell reflected on a job well done - but he could not keep his mind off the subject of the Ashes.
They didn't do liposuction but they did do something horrible with fat which has put me off the subject ever since.
First, your parents try to scare you off the subject. Second, you have to look after a child whose father is not around, which makes me wonder whether there was a painful break-up from him.
They want to blow the cobwebs off the subject and put some colour on its pages.
Teaching physics through 'slightly stale experiments and scribblings on a blackboard' is putting pupils off the subject, First Minister Rhodri Morgan said yesterday.
NUse a plain background: A plain background shows off the subject you are photographing.