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Venezuelan inflation for 2018 was literally off the charts at approximately 1 million percent, according to the International Monetary Fund.
With this win, CSK reached the top off the charts in IPL standings.
"From a historical perspective, today's melt rates are off the charts," said Sarah Das, a glaciologist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
Sarah Das, another glaciologist and co-author of the study, described the occurrence as "off the charts."
But this month, the energy was off the charts thanks to YouTube star Tyler Oakley (who brought his own filmmaker, Nathan Flanagan-Frankl) and a bevy of brilliant, funny, quirky young adults.
Leonard Bernstein (BURN'-stine) is getting a musical tribute that's off the charts on the 100th anniversary of the maestro's birth.
"The C-PACE market continues to see off the charts growth, and we have a long history of successfully managing transactions from soup to nuts.
Isn't It Romantic will be in theatres next Valentine's Day and it's cuteness metre is off the charts."
"I've played more gigs than most people have had hot dinners and the Scots are off the charts. Mexicans too - Mexicans and Scots.
As a result, the total wealth of Arab billionaires has fallen from $123.4 billion to $76.7 billion, and 11 have dropped off the charts: last year there were 42; today there are 31.
THE TOPIC: Off the Charts shares cautionary tales about 15 child prodigies, each at a particular moment in American history.
Off the Charts follows those who survived their childhoods and became functional adults and those who didn't.
Despite this, CEO Tim Cook insists that customer satisfaction was 'off the charts' for the new device.
He is smart and has a hockey IQ which is off the charts.
In Off the Charts, she peers into the formative years of 15 individuals, combining lively biographical sketches with serious analysis of the factors that contributed to their ascendancy in the public eye.