off the beaten track

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off the beaten track

Unusual or unfrequented; in a remote or lesser-known area. We'll definitely be able to get a table at that restaurant, it's really off the beaten track. I chose that island as a vacation spot because I knew it was off the beaten track and would give me some much-needed solitude.
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*off the beaten track

 and *off the beaten path
Fig. away from the frequently traveled routes. (*Typically: be ~; go ~; travel ~.) We found a nice little Italian restaurant off the beaten track.
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off the beaten track

An unusual route or destination, as in We found a great vacation spot, off the beaten track. This term alludes to a well-worn path trodden down by many feet and was first recorded in 1860, although the phrase beaten track was recorded in 1638 in reference to the usual, unoriginal way of doing something.
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off the beaten track


off the beaten path

COMMON If a place is off the beaten track, it is far away from places where most people live or go. The house is sufficiently off the beaten track to deter all but a few tourists. Rents at these malls, which are generally off the beaten path, are lower than at most suburban shopping centers. Note: A track here is a footpath or narrow road.
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off the beaten track (or path)

1 in or into an isolated place. 2 unusual.
2 1992 Iain Banks The Crow Road ‘Your Uncle Hamish…’ She looked troubled. ‘He's a bit off the beaten track, that boy.’
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off the ˌbeaten ˈtrack

far away from where people normally live or go: Our house is a bit off the beaten track.
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The tougher, more versatile versions offer more choice for active map users keen to visit areas off the beaten track all seasons.
PARAGUAY HAS BEEN OFF THE BEATen track for several decades, but business people are beginning to explore opportunities here.
Located off the beaten track, watched over by receptionists and open only to card carrying members, they provide many of the same services as a city club with space, privacy and quiet.
Among my favorite cathedrals is Chartres, off the beaten track, a few hour's ride southwest of Paris.
The 10-day hike will take participants off the beaten track to witness rural life amid the spectacular scenery of the Andes.
Culinary crusader Jamie Oliver heads off the beaten track to discover the real heart of America, through its people, culture, music and, of course, its food.
This tour, complete with a tour manager, will show you some of the famous sights, but also take you off the beaten track to some of the interesting, quieter destinations in this wonderful region.
It also means if you are tempted to see sights that are a little more off the beaten track, you have reduced your risks.
Combined with Hill Descent Control, short front and rear overhangs and more ground clearance than before, it should make the Freelander amazingly capable off the beaten track.
Art "trails" take readers to major museums and sites and to locations off the beaten track.
Don't allow yourself to be provoked, stay in groups and don't stray off the beaten track.
No matter where you go, as long as it is off the beaten track, in the hills and canyons that crisscross and encircle Los Angeles, or in the wilderness beyond, you are bound to catch a glimpse, if not more, of this year's phenomenal floral display.
15am to noon, Off the Beaten Track, China 2004, by T Ermel and November 24, 10.
Each walk is free and includes a break at the Longside Gallery to see the Off The Beaten Track exhibition.