off one's trolley

off (one's) trolley

Crazy or insane. When he told me about his plan to renovate the old, condemned house, I immediately thought he was off his trolley. You must be off your trolley if you think you can lift that heavy box by yourself.
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off one’s trolley

mod. silly; eccentric. Don’t mind Uncle Charles. He’s a bit off his trolley.
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Yet while 'tis the season to be off one's trolley, the greatest secular threat to Christmas comes from the creeping nonsense of politically correct bah humbuggery.
Driving through Pontypridd at 6pm on Friday night, the sight of a grinning middle-aged man in suit and tie, wobbling through the traffic like a giant dipsomaniac Weeble, underlined the fact that t'is the season to be off one's trolley. So forgo the Smirnoff Ices, stationery cupboard gropings and all-dayers with your colleagues and get in touch with your inner child.