off (one's) rocker

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off (one's) rocker

Crazy; mentally unsound; extremely foolish. I'm going to go off my rocker if I have to hear that song one more time! I think Jane's grandmother is a little off her rocker these days. You must be off your rocker if you think that's a good idea!
See also: off, rocker

*off one's rocker

 and *off one's nut; *off one's trolley
Fig. crazy; silly. (*Typically: be ~; go ~.) Sometimes, Bob, I think you're off your rocker. Good grief, John. You're off your nut.
See also: off, rocker

off one's rocker

Also, off one's nut or trolley . See off one's head.
See also: off, rocker

off your rocker

If someone is off their rocker, they are crazy. He must be off his rocker, paying that much for a shirt! Note: You can also say that someone goes off their rocker to mean that they become crazy. Sometimes I think he's going off his rocker.
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off your rocker

crazy. informal
A rocker in this expression is a concave piece of wood or metal placed under a chair or cradle enabling it to rock back and forth.
1932 Evelyn Waugh Black Mischief It's going to be awkward for us if the Emperor goes off his rocker.
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ˌoff your ˈrocker

(informal, spoken, especially British English) (of a person) crazy: Spend a thousand pounds on a dress! Are you off your rocker?
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off one’s rocker

mod. silly; giddy; crazy. (see also rocker.) That silly dame is off her rocker.
See also: off, rocker

off (one's) rocker

Out of one's mind; crazy.
See also: off, rocker
References in periodicals archive ?
But Donald's doc says this "gruelling" appraisal proves the Leader of the Free World is not clinically off his rocker, as Michael Wolff's new book Fire and Fury suggests.
This season's been a terrible shocker And the owner's going off his rocker Our wingers are slow, they have no pace And we're bottom of the league in last place
In his book, Mr Hain said the case was a "pantomime absurdly given credence by Judge Girvan", adding: "With my officials I thought the judge off his rocker.
My girl revealed: "Sean was drunk off his rocker and slurring.
My country and my people are friendly, peace-loving people but in a stadium, one fan can go off his rocker and create an incident.
No lover of Tony, I have to defend him against the allegation that this is a daft idea and he's gone off his rocker.
The star has revealed he almost went off his rocker struggling to write material for the new CD Seal IV.
But assuming that Ovitz is not completely off his rocker, the charge that we have our own "mafia" plac es us on the same footing as other hyphenated minorities--Jews, Russians, the Irish--once someone perceived that they were getting too powerful.
GLENN HODDLE must be off his rocker if he thinks he can persuade Spurs fans to give Sol Campbell an easy time on his return to White Hart Lane.
That kind of guff can be delivered only by someone off his Rocker.
Phil Daniels is off his rocker asa pill-popping Mod mixing it with Brighton bikers in 1964.
But he said he never spoke about God during his ten years at No10 in case voters thought he'd gone off his rocker.
So we must conclude that Saddam Hussein was off his rocker.